Thursday, April 27, 2006

Twin Cities school walkout organizing brings censorship; Drinking Liberally recap

A walkout has been planned for tomorrow in Twin Cities area high schools and universities to highlight anti-immigrant policies and the Iraq war, and that has the administrators of some Saint Paul public schools over reacting by confiscating flyers and banning t-shirts with pro-peace messages. Additionally, a concert and rally at Minneapolis Community and Technical College has been cancelled, after initially being approved. This post at has more information, including numbers to call today about the censorship and threats of excessive punishment of the students involved.


I attended Drinking Liberally last night at the 331 Club in Minneapolis, and it was worthwhile. While I am not a resident of CD 5, because of my previous involvement in political organizing at the U of MN and elsewhere in the Cities, I think I have enough background knowledge to draw reasonable conclusions of where this might be heading for CD 5 DFL endorsements.

Let's just say now that there are only a few credible candidates: Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer may actually have the lead in committed delegates, as he started his campaign before caucuses... everyone else is scrambling for either Sabo's core supporters who caucused out of habit or people who caucused for other reasons, if not to defend against the challenge by Nelson-Pallmeyer. It is possible that Keith Ellison's candidacy tears away a little at that base, but I don't really think so... as many "peace people" are going to be suspicious of Ellison's endorsements of Klobuchar and Hatch, and the defense that Ellison made in e-mails about Klobuchar's (non-existent) policies towards the Iraq conflict. In a primary, the Peace crowd is very likely to come around to Ellison, and I am happy to do what I can to try to help Ellison be in a position to win in a primary.

The remaining serious candidates in the race will be Mike Erlandson (who I like), Gail Dorfman (very nice, a thoughful Hennepin Co. Board member, has the Stonewall DFL endorsement), Ember Reichgott Junge (has a media presence and a track record in the state legislature, otherwise I don't know much about other than she appears to have striong GLBT support). That's it. Everyone else can go home now, I am sorry, but you haven't made the cut. That's not to say you can't try again two years from now, with more planning, preparation, etc.

I will also try to attend the next drinking liberally event, which will feature Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga of Daily Kos. I hope to hear more from him about his perspective on the internet actions to block the Alito nomination by encouraging a filibuster, and what needs to be done to lay the groundwork for future internet-coordinated campaigns. My feeling is that bloogers and the 'netroots' need to create tangible artifacts that encourage the more apolitical and unconnected massess to take note of such phenomema. The major media outlets missed what happened, entirely.


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