Thursday, May 11, 2006

Analysis on CD 6 Tinklenberg v. Wetterling

The Analyst has some excellent math based insight on Tinklenberg's independent credibility, "The Ventura Connection". He makes no conclusion based on the data, as to the "electability" argument.

There is no accounting for the vulnerability in Patty's character after she bowed out of the senate race after recieving pressure from Schumer and the DSCC. The independent credentials of Tinklenberg may not be enough to sway voters unaligned or moderate GOP voters, but the absence of any ability to be independent from high pressure D.C.-based Democratic group think may be a negative with voters in this district, so if electability is your standard, consider that.

As for the actions of peace activists, Patty does have a record of making some good, strong anti-Iraq War statements, but her endorsement of Klobuchar for Senate makes her anything but the "Peace First!" candidate in this race. She can withdraw that endorsement, or she can be the first really visible DFLer that Klobuchar drags down with her. A few other candidates also need to reconsider their public endorsements of Klobuchar.

Patty was my candidate for U.S. Senate, but I was mistaken. Tinklenberg is this Peace Firster's endorsement for the CD 6 DFL endorsement.

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Blogger ImpeccableLiberalCredentials said...

You sound more like a GOP plant to me... or DCCC/DSCC employee, which is ultimately the same thing. The convention did endorsed Patty, so you'll likely have Bachman win in CD 6. I will recommend that progressives put their effort and money behind Coleen Rowley in CD 2 and Tim Walz in CD 1. I like Oberstar, too, but I am unhappy with the lack of integrity of the party process in CD 8.

Anyway, these audio clips posted on Polinaut on Iraq, Iran, and Palestine are half of the reason I made the endorsement of Tinklenberg. But being on the opposite side of the DSCC and DCCC in this cycle is a pretty good sign that a democrat is the real thing.

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