Friday, May 26, 2006

ANWR, Minnesota's U.S. Senate race developments

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to open ANWR for petrochemical exploitation. While I haven't found the time to go over this bill (H.R.5429
American-Made Energy and Good Jobs Act (Engrossed as Agreed to or Passed by House)), previous incarnations of ANWR drilling legislation included provisions allowing export of this oil to foreign markets, and that showed the intent was to generate profits for the major oil interests, but would do little to increase energy availablity and lower prices at the pumps in the U.S. I believe that if we tap this potentially strategic reserve, it should be because of serious strategic necessity, not short term profits that come at the long-term cost of weakening or strategic and ecological security. The best way to lower prices at the pumps is to reduce demand, and to prosecute price gouging. Now is not the time to open ANWR for drilling. Call your Senators! Tell them to block this greedy and short sighted move to give away more to Exxon Mobil and others at this time of record-breaking windfall profits. We need to diversify our dependence on energy, and learn how to conserve it as well.


Lakeland Public Television will carry the Almanac program tonight at 7PM with DFL candidates for U.S. senate Ford Bell and (the DSCC's pick) Amy Klobuchar. This will be good.

Other interesting developments include the launch of Blog for Bell - the official blog of the Ford Bell campaign. is now redirecting all of that bookmarked and habitual traffic to the new information rich blog. It is further evidence that we have eclipsed a tipping point here in Minnesota.


I continue to recieve weirdly deceptive e-mails from the DSCC purportedly authored by more liberal national Democratic party leaders. I am obviously not going to send them any money, until they make up for their unfair early intervention in Minnesota's politics in this cycle. Obviously, because I am currently broke, but even when I am flush again, I am going to remember this year. Chuck Schumer should step down as DSCC chair. If Wyden became chair, I would believe that the DSCC "has gotten the message".

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