Friday, May 05, 2006

Big day for news today, another big day for DFL newsmakers tomorrow

Today, Porter Goss stepped down, after Goss and staffers are implicated in poker/sex parties with Congressman Cunningham and defense industry lobbyists and businessmen. Before you start celebrating, remember that Negroponte is still the National Intelligence Director and that Bush is still in the White House. Goss may even been shown the door for not being the bearer of good news (anything that looks like sufficient evidence or cause to go to war with Iran, ASAP). Look at Jack Straw stepping down (Betty the Crow, Guardian). Coincidence?

Anyway, the Porter Goss announcement pre-empted the first few minutes of Science Friday, but I still think the discussion was good, even if wild rice was not brought up.


Tomorrow's going to be a big day. I'll probably be able to see parts of two conventions tomorrow, I am planning to spend more time on CD 3 than CD 5. Look at this map: Mapquest generated route from CD 3 to CD 5. If Blackduck or Turtle River had a convention center, and the Beltrami Co. DFL organization more trustworthy and competent, maybe we could have had the CD 7 and CD 8 conventions on the same day in nearly equivalent proximity.

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