Thursday, May 04, 2006

Big labor against democracy, for Klobuchar, for war without end, for hegemony

Unfortunately, big labor has snubbed progressive candidates again in this cycle, as it did in the last. There is no labor-peace alliance. That's fine. They've been waning since about the time Jimmy Carter left the White House anyway. I will stop worrying about the fact I can't get my political tracts published in union printshops in my small town, because here there are no union printshops. I think its better to get print jobs run in my area, than to run to Duluth or the Twin Cities to find a union printshop, and the recent endorsement of Klobuchar over Ford Bell confirms that I am right about this. Dennis Kucinich, that naive boob, always had his supporters drive him around in American-made cars, always had us print things in union shops, if at all possible. Who did they endorse? Not him. They endorsed someone who voted for the war. Big labor loves war, hates democracy. It likes power all in one place. It is essentially neo-conservative in its outlook. Big labor sucks.

Here is a random article about the foreign policy of the AFL-CIO: Worker-to-Worker Solidarity Committee to AFL-CIO: Cut All Ties with NED. I am sure that it doesn't relate at all to my point of view or support my argument. I am angry.

I am going to remember this and add it to the resentment I still feel about what happened in the last presidential cycle. Really, peace activists need to stop forgiving and forgetting. This time, when we win, and they come crawling to us in their stuffed shirts with their weakly whispered demands on behalf the worker, we will be able to insist they purge their staffs of the neocons and hire from our lists of peace or environmental or actual labor organizers...we can insist on reforms that ensure that big labor is not a tool of empire and exploitation.

This time, with the internet, with face-to-face communication and persuasion coupled with hard facts, we are winning, the people are against this war, they are against Klobuchar, and the AFL-CIO is clearly on the wrong side.

It might take a primary to prove it, but I am right.

I would be ashamed to be an AFL-CIO member and a DFL delegate. But I am sure I'd be tended by minders and effectively gagged. Like those poor local AFSCME members that stood up to their state organization against the Klobuchar endorsement. Haven't heard from them in a while, have we?

(Note to self, add AFL-CIO to enemies list, after Rep. Frank Moe, in the 'endorsed Klobuchar' column)

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