Friday, May 19, 2006

Global Warming, Fabulous Breasts, New Hampshire in 2008

Fabulous breasts seem to be a recurring theme on ImpeccableLiberalCredentials but I cannot promise I will always have pictures of them displayed on this site. So you need to follow these links for the good stuff: Erica Campbell's Fabulous Breasts and here: Faith's Blog

The Global Warming - Sense of Congress resolution was stripped out of the bill I mentioned in my last post.

Looking over some of the County-by-County Returns for Pennsylvania's U.S. Senate Primary I notice a few surprising things. Alan Sandals did really well in Philadelphia County, which looks like the only county with a much larger proportion of Democrats in the totals of primary voters. In most counties where Pennachio and Sandals did not register against the centrist DSCC pick, Santorum recieved more votes in the uncontested Republican primary. I don't know what that portends about the DSCC's strategy for running conservatives against conservatives come November. Angry Sandals supporters are invited to join Pennachio supporters in providing love and support for progressive candidates still in the running against DSCC picks in states with later primaries like Minnesota and New York. I apologize for discounting your candidate. I like Philadelphia, and I also like the other parts of Pennsylvania I've seen, like Washington, Pennsylvania, which has a nice little coffee, cigar and sandwich shop I'd like to visit again on my next road trip out to D.C.

Most of my road trips involve long, looping circles through Greater Minnesota. Today I had a nice Reuben panini sandwich at Beth's Place in Pine River. The day before that I had hideous Vietnamese food, or rather American-style Chinese food in a Vietnamese-Chinese restaurant in Duluth. I like real Vietnamese food, and I was spoiled by the great variety of real Vietnamese restaurants in the Twin Cities, and also when I was out in Oakland, CA doing the dot-com and telco thing. I am no longer dropping literature about candidates or strategies like Peace First on these trips around the state, however. I am now advertising this blog, looking for interesting local political gossip, and of course, I am looking for the woman who I will announce to the world sometime this summer as the the woman with the most fabulous pair of breasts in Minnesota. At least that would be a good cover story...

While I may or may not be looking for the next Erica Rose Campbell on my long and frequent forays throughout the state, I will at least make occasional announcements as to where you can find entertainment, good food, etc. as you vacation and/or campaign in our great state this summer.

In Bemidji, we don't have a Drinking Liberally club. The next best thing you can find is Tuesday night's Pot-o-Gold Pub Quiz at Brigid's Irish Cross, which raises some money for local charities like the Beltrami Co. Humane Society.

You can help make this blog more infamous by downloading, printing, and posting copies of this PDF file all over your town. It's designed so that you can cut the little strips with the blog's URL on them so they are easy to tear off... if you crease it lengthwise before you cut it where the strips will tear off cleanly, that's best. Thanks!

In the interest of 'full disclosure' I was not paid or prompted to make any product pitch or recommendation in this post, though I certainly could have made some money if I had decide to properly link-up the name Erica Rose Campbell to that model's site. She does have the most fabulous pair of breasts in New Hampshire, and I do hope that by the spring of 2008, we'll both be on the same team, supporting the same candidate in that state's famous early primary.

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