Monday, May 01, 2006

Hatch vs. History

I made this comment elsewhere, but I didn't see the comment count being updated. Here it is again:

16 years ago Hatch ran against Perpich, violating a (series of) pledge(s) not to run against the incumbent governor*, and then withdrawing his support and promised endorsement after losing the primary*. In a show of 'democratic unity' - his running mate endorsed Carlson over Perpich*. (*this is according to the Betty Wilson book 'Rudy!: the People's Governor')

The outcome that year was an outpouring of grief against all gubenatorial candidates: "Vote No! for Governor" bumperstickers.

Actually the numbers show "Vote No! for governor" is winning again :)

It is up to the more progressive candidates (Kelley and Lourey) to start selling their visions of hope that a government 'for the interests of real people' can be renewed in Minnesota again, and that those who deal in muddled, centrist fear and hollow slogans of 'democratic unity' and 'electability' can be reminded of their history of treachery and shown the door...

Comment by ImpeccableLiberalCredentials

As much as Kelley needs to get rid of Molligator, Hatch needs to distance himself and rebuke Michael Meuers for his tactics in delivering Hatch/Klobuchar delegates in Beltrami Co. However, there is little Hatch can do to distance himself from his own history of backstabbing other DFLers, and the GOP is poised to exploit that history.

Basically the Hatch plan was to tap an old boys network of DFL party operatives (county chairs and the like) to supress caucus turn out and elect themselves delegates. As Pollytick observed:

[Hatch] stated that he would abide by the DFL endorsement if there were a comparable turnout to the 2004 Democratic caucuses. Otherwise, his argument was that the majority of Dems (and Minnesotans) were not represented by this process and deserved to weigh in at a primary election.

So according to the plan he's got a built-in backdoor to the primary if either DFLers with intact memories or newcomers caucused (and refused to endorse him).

Hatch won't win a general election. Not for governor... he's tried before and not very much has changed apart from the fact that over time he has garnered more 'insider status'. I would be fine with him remaining as Attorney General, but I won't accept him as Governor. And I don't think most DFLers will accept Hatch as governor or will want to accept his lackey Michael Meuers as a delegate to the State convention (to misreprent Beltrami Co. to the DFL as he misrepresents the DFL to Beltrami Co.)

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