Wednesday, May 03, 2006

In the field...

I will be doing more field work (of one kind or another) for the next week or so, expect fewer posts, briefer posts, more rushed and error prone. I will have to borrow other people's computers and connections to make posts in the days to come. Obviously, I should get myself a laptop w/ wireless. Instead, I have been putting everything into the political fight this year, into t-shirts and flyers, newspaper ads, gasoline and event tickets. Hopefully it will pay off with meaningful results (like an end to the misadventure in Iraq, better public policy, more funds available for public projects and less tax burden for future generations).

If you have access to printing and want to contribute some printing resources and then distribute flyers and propaganda for Peace First!, the Progressive Caucus, Ford Bell or similar let me know: or contact those groups directly. Some Ford Bell position statements are here: linked up as Iraq.doc, Poverty.doc, etc.

Also in this post there is a link to a PDF document for next weeks rally at the State Capitol: Peace wants a piece of the pie


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