Monday, May 01, 2006

MN DFL Progressive Caucus

If you haven't heard of the MN Progressive Caucus you should check it out. Next week they are sponsoring a rally for peace on May 8th, 11 AM, at the State Capitol in Saint Paul.

If you have access to printing and want to help get the word out, here is a PDF of the flyer: Peace wants a piece of the pie

We have an arrangement of sorts to raise money for the State DFL Progressive Caucus and get some $$$ back for Progressive Caucus activities in the Bemidji-area... I would like us to be able to afford a storefront or similar space to organize in, electricity and connectivity (phones/internet), to be able to conduct trainings locally along the lines of Wellstone Action! for issue advocacy and electoral campaigns, etc. Let me know if you want to help make this happen.

The Progressive Caucus is somehow affiliated with and inspired by Progressive Democrats of America. It looks like they are worthy of support, and might be a good replacement recipient for progressives that no longer wish to support the DSCC and DCCC. Let me know what you think.

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