Saturday, May 20, 2006

Party for your right to fight!

It was a stressful day, but in the end I think it will be worthwhile, and will prove to be so to DFL party and its constituents in the next cycle, if not also in this one. Decisions were made in Rochester, but it is not really newsworthy, and was somewhat predictable.

If I have to respond to overblown emotion in the press or face-to-face, I absolutely reserve the right to blog about this later.

Let's just say that I was not wrong to represent this party as a reasonably fair path to power for people, but like anything that is good, it doesn't come easy, and it is worth having some tenacity, and some tolerance for being turned the cold shoulder by a few people who were never really my/your friends to begin with. I got through this day of unpopular stances and unpopular decisions,in part, by listening to Public Enemy on both sides of my drive between here and Rochester, and especially Party for your right to fight. Today that party is the DFL. It isn't nearly as romantic as the Black Panther party, the AIM movement, SDS/SNCC or the Weathermen, but new DFL recruits can look forward to longer lives, acquiring some more useful job and social skills, and less time in jail than new recruits to previous incarnations of the peace and social justice movements could have expected back in the day that many of the current party powerful were cutting their own teeth. Ask Rick Stafford about the tear gas :)

The DFL still faces the danger of becoming a party of lawyers, by and for lawyers, but it will hopefully be enough for interested average persons to come in off the street to read and understand the rules (Call, Constitution & By-Laws) and show some tolerance of and facility with parliamentary procedure. Then, I think, well organized groups of constituents still have a chance to get the party to allow them to represent themselves.

A little more than a month ago, I was convinced that I had made some terrible mistake and I had lied to my friends and many people much more vulnerable than myself about this process. Now its more like guarded optimism, and my guts are not churning over it.


I probably won't end up (personally) running Green or GOP vs. Rod Skoe, but I am interested in hearing whether Carrie Ruud and TPaw had any more success with the wild rice legislation compared to Frank Moe, because if the acted on it, the deserve some small measure of conditional support. A deal is a deal.


In other news, I noticed that I was linked to by in their sidebar, and I've linked back to them in my sideebar links area.

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