Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Politics and War - An open letter more or less directed to Michael Meuers

Hunter S. Thompson said "Politics is the art of controlling your environment" and if it is an art, it is a messy art, and people can spend a lifetime learning it and never achieve the skillset to go far beyond fingerpaints, or any progress towards self-control much less control over their yard or neighboorhood.

I have found an interesting series of books on power, war and seduction. I started with the one on war (I'll ad a link in the sidebar), and found a couple strategies that were as much about politics as war, and the characterisation of the enemy as morally inferior. On the backyard politics scale, I definately have seen Meuers start to use some of these tactics, and the less self-possessed members of his machine start to parrot his lines. One of these goes to the issue of peace, and what the assumptions are of what a real peace activist might looks and smell like. I guess the assumption is that a peace activist is going to be the go along to get along type, and maybe smell like they've spilled bongwater on themselves. I apologize for not fitting that mold. I spill coffee on myself instead, and to the extent that drugs define culture, I belong to the caffiene-addicted, goal-oriented subculture that was parodied in the Level(3) ads with Dennis Hopper about the coffee drinking network engineers. My subculture's artifacts include blogs, not "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" rock operas and anthems like Flowers and Beads. I am sorry if that makes me seem less genuine, but I can't play mellow and slow moving. I don't smoke pot.

Another odd part of the peace activist archetype of an earlier era is the lyrics to the peace marcher's anthem "Ain’t going to study war no more" when in fact this age's most effective peace activists include the scholars of war, former marines like Jack Murtha in Congress or Scott Ritter working for UNSCOM in Iraq, or the many anonymous people who apply military specialties like bomb damage assessment skills, or logistics to new jobs with humanitarian assistance organizations that actually work for peace concretely.

So, I think that trying to paint me as something other than a peace person, just because I might act dramatically or speak forcefully for a more balanced Peace and Security posture for the U.S.

You might find it to be confusing, but it is not a morally compromised position.

As for my involvement in the seemingly seamy side of the internet, in generating web traffic and sales for vendors of adult content, it is just a different tack towards personal responsibility than the organization that our Associate Chair links to, the XXX Church which hustles bibles to porn addicts at CES and other adult industry events, but I advocate for free speech protection, reliable internet protocols and strategies, and a form of self regulation within that industry that includes meta-data tagging that enables content filters, that reduces the amount of free porn available, and uses that traffic/daily eyeballs to occasionally highlight a timely fre speech action that porn consumers might contribute to, like the Alito filibuster... I put 3000 page views a day into the other blog, but I'll let this blog about our difficulties in Beltrami Co. build its own traffic more organically. Unless I get angry. Then I'll make you truly famous :)

Anyway, it is going to take a new strategy to change the focus from the misdeeds of the person who chaired the Beltrami Co. convention and improperly electe delegates, or the person who mishandled the SD 4 chair position and set the wrong time and place for that convention in the calendar with the state DFL, or that always spouts about 'electability' but wouldn't ever want to see a fair election occur, and people given a chance to determine for themselves what looks and smells electable based on their own criteria. The moral crusade against me looks more like a poorly planned strategy to hide your own hypocrisy. As far as my own Peace credentials, I have put my own life on the line before to help defuse real war, where people really were in the habit of shooting people they disagreed with, who spoke a different language, who were being deprived the basic necessities of life. I was peaceful enough, and determined enough, to win the trust of the U.S. Navy and other foreign militaries, various Indonesian military and police, villagers and the shadowy characters of unknown alliegience who may have been a channel to communicate with the rebels that the U.S. Navy was not there to deliver them to independence with infusions of weapons and technology, but to provide "Food Aid from the People of the United States" to the IDPs (internally displaced people - villagers who survived the tsunami but relocated to areas with shelter and fresh water outside of the area of the tsunami, but nearby or within the area of the armed conflict).

Where in your life do you demonstrate the "ImpeccableLiberalCredentials" that you claimed you had, the night before you deprived the Beltrami Co. DFL membership a fairly run convention? Or were you just trying to build rapport with me as you plotted to prevent a repeat of the Itasca Co. results?


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