Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Primary in Pennsylvania - Progressive dems battle pro-war DSCC pick

I have some hope today that the voters in Pennsylvania's primary will show some independence and backbone and choose to diverge from the media and groupthink narrative. I hope they choose principles over fear and the bullshit electability argument that is fed by fear and wielded by centrists supporting a candidate not much better than the hated Santorum.

Santorum is not going to win, against anybody, because anytime anyone mentions his name, half of the people in the room are caused to imagine the frothy nastiness that anal sex enthusiast and sex-columnist Dan Savage has named in his honor. Santorum is anti-choice, pro-war. Casey is anti-choice, pro-war. Pennachio is a progressive who will help end the war in Iraq on better terms, on a shorter time table. And he stands for more than that. He is strong, as we have seen in Minnesota, not every politician is strong enough in character and resolve to not bow before the pressure from external groups like the DSCC. If he has withstood that, he can withstand midnight arm twisting from Democratic version of the Republican's Hammer, Tom Delay. Chuck Schumer is our Tom Delay, and he is destroying our party.

Back to Pennsylvania: It looks like Pennachio is running a real grassroots campaign, so his victory today would be a victory for democracy itself.

So if you are in Pennsylvania, go vote. Stick it to the DSCC and create more space and hope for other candidates in other states who are also fighting the conservative candidate pickers in the DSCC.

Update: I found some of the links to a newstory I heard here in Northern Minnesota about this race, and an organization mentioned in that story. This gives me hope when I think about Pennsylvania's Primary today (and hope that National Public Radio or other national or international media will take up Ford Bell's fight against the DSCC/Washington machine on behalf of Minnesota's grassroots tradition).

A grassroots organization supporting Pennachio: Neighborhood Networks

A national newstory that begins to unravel the lie of Casey's candidacy: NPR : Pennsylvania's Senate Race Seen as Crucible

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