Monday, May 08, 2006

Re-evaluating Klobuchar's endorsements.... major realignments for me.

I was looking over the list (bad link removed) of Amy's many supporters from the legislature who have endorsed her run for the United States Senate.

I am shocked. I realize most of these people were probably roped into this pretty early, but I think that it is time for all of these legislators to reaffirm or renounce their endorsements. Really it is surprising that so many DFLers are willing to put their belief in the group think about electablility before their own interests in advancing their own candidacy - but the invasion of Iraq occurred because so many democrats thought they'd be more re-electable if they voted for it vs. trying to stop it. There are a couple cynics that hitched themselves to the Klobuchar ticket as a possible connection to Kerry's money (like Lesch and Moe), so in some cases thoughtful self interest actually brought them to the point of this endorsement, but the rest I imagine were looking at something that might have looked like momentum to insiders.

Candidates I would otherwise support but am having serious second thoughts about now, seeing their names on the list of people who have endorsed the DFL's war candidate (I remember Klibuchar as the earliest public Kerry supporter within the DFL I really noticed, at a MYDFL event, and she made no apologies then for Kerry's support of the war)...

Rep. Keith Ellison - Minneapolis now the 5th CD for U.S. Congress. If Erlandson has not endorsed Klobuchar, then I am for Erlandson. Sorry Keith.

Sen. Becky Lourey - Kerrick - this one really hurts, I have been supporting Lourey pretty visibly and with lots of miles traveled to help distribute lit among county conventions etc. It stops until this position is clarified. If Kelley hasn't endorsed Klobuchar, I guess that's where I go, even though I hate to see him throw a billion dollars away on ballparks and stadiums (this must be one of the biggest differences I have with him).

Rep. Frank Moe - Bemidji Enough said. As rumor on the streets of Bemidji has it he is ready to withdraw from the race for re-election. I will confirm this soon. We just need to recruit a more consistently progressive and more skilled legislator. (Update: in the fall of 2007 - this was still a persistent rumor, that Frank Moe is tired of politics and wants to be replaced)

Congresswoman Betty McCollum (MN-4) - She recently voted the wrong way on Iran.

Congressman Jim Oberstar (MN-8) - Oberstar apparently voted against the 'Ratcheting things up against Iran' bill, so I am surprised he was tricked into backing Amy over Ford. This must have been an early endorsement, when it looked like a Wetterling vs. Klobuchar choice.

I think the Saint Paul mayor's race last year showed that there are plenty of voters prepared to hold elected DFLers accountable for their endorsements of other candidates.

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