Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Spring phenology... also some politics

I've spent most of the day playing around in my garden, which is full of neglected little raised beds scattered around the yard, and a dozen or so flats of native perennials that have either survived or baked to death in neglect, unwatered during the hot summer last year, when I was not here to tend to them. A couple of things I am happy to see surviving are some Hepatica and Asarum I started from seed, and some Smilacina and Streptopus are just germinating after being planted in the fall of 2004, when I had no idea what I would end up doing after that year's elections and before the tsunami gave me something useful to do for humanity with the odd bit of knowledge that I had acquired so many years ago studying plants and people in Sumatra. (I annoy my family by reminding them, at least once per day, that I've been to Sumatra. I am going to have to start annoying my faithful readers in the same fashion. Ohhh, did I mention I've been to Sumatra?)

So, it is finally springtime in the northwoods, enough rain has fallen to green things up and in the wet areas and ditches you see marsh marigolds blooming. In my little bog I've got flower spikes of buckbeans shooting up, still in tight buds. I saw a wood frog today. I might have gotten a tiny bit sunburned. Anyway, that's how I spent my morning, while Blogger was down. Planting things, replanting things, assessing the losses and some gains, and soaking it all in.

Plants are great. Computers are great. Often I am inclined to believe that people basically suck. But I haven't given up. Sometimes you have to take a break from them and go enjoy nature. If you need an enticement to do that, look at the pics and information here: Plants of the North. Someday I'll put something like that together that has more Beltrami Co. diversity in it. We've got prairie and a few pockets of Eastern Hardwoods type flora that's most obvious in the spring.

Anyway, I went to the Beltrami Co. DFL meeting last night. I like, really like, about half (or more) of the people involved in that organization. I even am inclined to like a few of the people who voted the wrong way on whether to reconvene the convention and re-elect delegates properly. Even people who vigorously supported Mary Olson over Irene Folstrom. Even Molligator. But there are a couple people there that are just not fully human, much less democrats as I understand what a democrat is. That's okay.

Some odd things that came up included of course, molligator's blog. She has no clue as to what she did that was so wrong, so dishonest. She thinks the fault she made was blogging, and lashed out at the person who brought that up, "Be careful, because there are other people in the room that do that"... no, not quite. Nobody else pretends to be Becky Lourey supporters losing favor for the candidate because of the actions of staff, while actually being (and obviously being) a supporter, even an employee, of that candidate's main opposition. But yeah, lots of people blog. There is nothing inherently wrong with the technology.

Another thing was the whole mythology of how divided the party was after the Eugene McCarthy campaign, and then how the party healed and came together and all supported the same candidates happily ever after.

Oh well. Anyway, there's some kind of fundraiser for Mary Olson coming up, and in the rare event you want to support her, you can go to it. I am going to spend my DFL activist dollars on better candidates in more meaningful races. Does that make me a bad democrat? I am sure Michael Meuers will use that as some excuse to argue they should through me out of the party and remove me from my all important post of precinct chair of Port Hope Twp.

If you also want to be a bad democrat and send some uang (money) out of your district, go to some fundraiser for Tim Walz (he has at least one staffer who has also been to Sumatra, or at least Java) or Colleen Rowley. They are going to win, with our help...


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