Thursday, May 11, 2006

Virginia: Webb Gains Backing of Several Key Democrats

Webb loses favor with this key Democrat. My nod goes to: Harris Miller. For my justification, look at this article: Webb Gains Backing of Several Key Democrats which includes this jewel:

But the senators are cautious about involvement in the primary. Schumer said his committee would not be "mixing in the primary," and Reid's office went out of its way to play down his support.

His spokeswoman, Rebecca Kirszner, said "Senator Reid was impressed with Webb and gave a contribution." But she added that "this is not a formal endorsement."

A source close to Reid, who declined to speak for attribution about the senator's motivations, said the Democratic leader and the other senior party members want Webb to succeed but are wary of being dragged into the middle of the party's other primaries across the country.

"This is a tightrope for these guys," the source said.

Schumer and the DSCC have certainly screwed the pooch with a few of their previous endorsements, haven't they?

Also, I am seeing some blogs tagged "DSCC" that are advocating the voter appeasement strategy advocated by the Menendez amendment that would suspend the federal gas tax for 60 days. I think if you are truly concerned about the rising price of gas, you need to support Senators (and candidates for Senate) who will be willing to challenge the business practices of the big oil interests, like Sen. Ron Wyden has done. Temporarily reducing 'pain at the pumps' will not magically increase the amount of petroleum available at the market. We need to reduce consumption and shift to alternative energies as a strategic response to the reality that countries like India, China, and Indonesia are consuming more oil. Menendez only helps the oil companies keep selling petroleum products at record profits while foregoing gas-tax revenue that goes back into federal transportation infrastructure and helps bring us closer to a balanced budegt or pay-go.

Wyden deserves more praise for his recent leadership against the nomination of General Hayden to lead the CIA.

The DSCC is not particularly useful, and Senators like Schumer and Reid are not providing real leadership. Senators like Feingold and Wyden are, and they need more company. Let's forget about organizing around a temporary gas tax holiday, and put our efforts into sending strong, progressive candidates to the Senate to help do the heavy lifting with Wyden and Feingold. Let's send Ford Bell, Johnathan Tasini, Harris Miller, and Chuck Pennachio to the senate to do more than just talk about energy, the war, civil liberties, etc. No more muddled and meddling centrist stooges for Exxon.

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