Monday, June 05, 2006

Mean World vs. the Green World

At some point I have to make some choices. I will have to choose whether to put my various skills and limited energy and financial resources behind one, and only one project. I don't multi-task so well, and multi-tasking as I understand it and single-CPU computers do it, is really working on a series of projects, or a single project, broken up into discrete chunks. I can do that for a short while, when a handful of small tasks need to be completed, of equivalent importance. Fundamentally, I am a monomaniac, and I prefer one task, in one single stream.

I am not intentionally referring to the green party, but when I think of the green world, the environment and responsibility to it, I think I find more community, politically, among the Green organizers in Bemidji, vs. the DFLers, who only care about elections. My interaction with and about the environment is not just political, I have a strong interest in and long history with the science of biology, and I have known some of the top biologists in the fields of conservation biology, entomology and botany. And I have known many plants and animals from field study, from in vitro culture (from the familar macro-scale gardening and husbandry to much finer scales).

I have also known politics and something of war. I know that a few of my skills would be pretty useful to the Department of Defense, and I have done some of the testing to see if I qualify in terms of the skillset for the most applicable MOSes. But I fall short on the trust thing when the measure me on comon benchmarks (credit rating, debt level, etc.). There is probably a political route to solving the security clearance problem. And there are jobs in the civil service sectors, as well. None are in Bemidji, however.

I also know a bit about the internet, so it isn't a simple binary decision. I could just get obsessed again about pure technology, which is usualy pretty a political and non-threatening, unless you get into standards battles with other protocal geeks at the IETF, etc. I could do a lot with the internet from here. I just need to start making and spending enough money to afford the bandwidth, connectivity and workspace I need.

I have really tried to avoid creating too much economic friction while the U.S. has been involved in the misadventure in Iraq. I don't want to have to pay into the system any taxes I can legally avoid, while that tax money goes to finance an unjust war. Politics has been a route, then, to bringing this long period of avoiding generating economic opportunity for other Americans.

As long as this war goes on, it is very hard for me to commit to this place, this country. But there are roadblocks to getting established in Europe and the parts of Asia I am most interested in.

While I am stewing over what I should do, and getting ready for Rochester, I may not be posting that much. If you have a real deep need to read more of what I have written I have some interesting posts at Diary of a Digital Pimp and quite a few posts as "soren" (use the search function to find them) at the Black Flag Cafe, where before the war, and the migration to the current bulletin board system (and using the alias "Anon."), during the build up to the invasion of Iraq, I predicted much of what has happened in Iraq. I had a blog at that time, too, but it is unfortunately gone.


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