Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A rather damning post about Hatch from TPT's Almanac, also Kerry Gauthier

From Mary's Page (Mary Lahammer/Almanac):

The Democratic Convention was more exciting because of the 8 hours of balloting to endorse Mike Hatch for governor. <sarcasm>After years of watching this party endorse people they can agree with but can't win a statewide election, the party has taken a step forward on electability. Hatch won a convincing victory. </sarcasm> What surprise me is how poor his speeches continue to be. After winning the endorsement he was reading his speech, Gov. Wendy Anderson passed him another paper which completely threw him off and he stumbled around admitting he hadn't even read his speech. For a polished candidate who's been playing in the bigs for decades this is unbelievable. I'm tough when it comes to speeches, I know, I give them for a living. Delegates actually left during Hatch's long, winding and unfocused speech. You could hear the energy just being sucked out of the air. Hatch needs to learn to read an audience and he needs to learn not to read a speech word for word. Being a compelling personality and communicator is key to winning the governor's office.


It's reported on several other blogs that the State DFL treasurer Kerry Gauthier has stepped down to continue on Becky Lourey's campaign. I think he should have stepped down earlier not only as treasurer, but also as chair of the CD 8 party unit. On the Hatch side, a few people should have stepped down to work on the Hatch campaign instead of maintaining their party offices, and abusing them to secure the number of delegates Hatch required to win the convention at the cost of destroying the party. Top on my list: Lori Berglund Olson should have stepped down in CD 7. Both Gauthier and Olson failed to do anything useful about the situation with the Beltrami Co. Convention miscarriage, to which they were first hand witnesses, but that's water under the bridge now. I hope that the SCC addresses it, and Wellstone Action or similar develops a pre-caucus and pre-convention training curriculum that can be delivered to new voters and party officers in 2008. If there is still a DFL...

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