Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why did Webb (VA-Sen) win?

I don't think we will get too many honest answers, but here is one: Miller had trouble plugging volunteers into his campaign, but Webb did only last minute voter id. Troubling questions remain - in the absense of seasoned and motivated campaign staff, who follow the right recipe, is it the DSCC and MSM that decide elections? What if more people voted in primaries?

A troubling quote from this post at Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '06:

The bloggers who WaPo is giving credit to were sitting around doing nothing, and I heard from insiders this was a normal thing.

I think that having bloggers just sit there is a dangerous thing. If they are healthy enough, a campaign's bloggers should do field work, and see how real people live in the districts they are trying to work. At least one day a week. The should explore how you translate netroots thought into real world actions. Really...

Anyway, I am tired of reading the spin about why Webb won (the netroots support, the DSCC, etc.), so that's why I have taken so long to come back to this. The sad fact is that Webb won and Miller lost and 97% of Virginia's democrats did not bother to way in on who they wanted for their next senator...

I hope that doesn't happen here.

Plan on voting in the September 12th primary!

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