Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Barbara Boxer's PAC for a Change taking input

I think it would be a great thing if we can encourage this PAC not to double up and duplicate efforts on the DSCC's favorite candidates, but instead cause a sharper focus on peace as an issue, the Alito nomination and the Gang of 14, and fund a strong argument about GOP policies and corporate values where they are seemingly strongest (TX, UT).

Daily Kos has a thread about this, as does The Power Liberal.

Please cast your vote for Barbara Ann Radnofsky, Jean Hay Bright, Pete Ashdown, Jon Tester or Jack Carter. I voted for Jean Hay Bright, I think she's a great peace candidate, and Maine should be able to elect a progressive leader who will bring real change to the Senate. Getting rid of Olympia Snowe is getting revenge for the Alito nomination, getting rid of the Gang of 14, and getting another Democrat elected. Why settle for a RINO, when you can have a real progressive Democrat? Well, if you are the DSCC, you are about protecting incumbency, and that means cutting deals to protect the incumbency of some Republicans, too.

Just don't vote for Klobuchar. She's ahead in the polls. She's not speaking effectively about progressive values or demonstrating she will be the new leadership the Senate needs. Why amplify a muddled message? Or why add extra amps to a muddled message that the DSCC has already amplified enough?

The link to the poll is here: PAC for a Change - Vote for a Candidate

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