Tuesday, July 18, 2006

DFL endorsed candidate for Attorney General, Matt Entenza, drops out

According to this report on MPR the rumors are true and former State House minority leader Matt Entenza has officially dropped out of the race for Attorney General today. It is too bad Hatch doesn't want to run for re-election as Attorney General. I think Entenza might have made a great candidate for AG, but his wife's work for United Health Group and Entenza's support of the stadium giveaway to billionaire Carl Pohlad would have destroyed his chances and poisoned voter turnout.

We still need an electable U.S. Senate candidate, preferably someone with some peace credentials, but at least someone a little more progressive with a sharper focus on real issues, connections outstate, not a prosecutor. Amy would also make a great Attorney General, but the Senate is the wrong job for her.

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Blogger Douglas said...

Who do you like as DFL AG candidate, and why? Please let me know and I'll put your blog in the "Blogs for ..." list at Johnson v. TBA, the blog formerly known as Johnson v. Entenza.

9:54 PM  
Blogger ImpeccableLiberalCredentials said...

Amy Klobuchar for AG!

Since that is not an option, I am going to have to hear the 5 contenders on the radio, see them in some debates.

I guess I am really tempted just to pick one randomly so you'll link to me and send me traffic... and I am also inclined to pick someone that might score me points with someone with a large supply of beer and a weekly BBQ (Flash's candidate is Bill Luther) yet I've probably got to make friends with Mike Hatch, his daughters, and all the lovely lawyer lady friend that work in his office (Lori Swanson).

11:19 PM  

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