Sunday, July 02, 2006

A few links added...

I've added a few more links to other blogs. Hopefully I'll get some links back in return. The most random addition is to American Hot Sausage, because I was really impressed by a post entitled The political color of Juneteenth. I especially liked this part:
Mark Ritch(ie), DFL candidate for Secretary of State, is always a fun guy. His team gets voted the Most Likely to Start A Party. They one thing you look for at an all-black function is which white people look nervous and which ones look comfortable. Mark is comfortable, anywhere. Maybe it's all that organizing experience and having worked in all kinds of crowds, but he clearly didn't come to Juneteenth with any reservations. Like the Keith's crew, Mark's is vocal and fired up.

About Mark's colors: Blue, tiel, and white. This theme is fresh and manly, but lacks passion. It's a color away from the patriot theme (just add red), and the absence of a burning color makes the scheme cold - especially because of the tiel. It works for Mark because Minnesota isn't a passion state, in fact, our inclimate winter weather colors our view of cold color schemes in the same way you see more earth tones in Arizona.

I felt a tiny bit guilty about missing the Juneteenth parade, I would have wound up marching in the Lourey/Baylor section, which didn't get a write up. I wonder if Keith Ellison and his crew feel bad about supporting Hatch at the convention yet. I hope they turn out en masse for Lourey/Baylor on September 12th. Anyway, Juneteenth is a reminder that today's version of freedom has always been a work in progress, achieved in increment, and that the current Administration and its allies in the Federalist Society, etc. seek to roll back our familiar freedoms, by intrepreting the Constitution in an originalist's framework, harkening back to a time when only white male landowners could vote, and slavery was legal and commonplace.

This discussion of what freedom really means to radical right-wingers vs. the more commonplace, progressive understanding in American daily life is taken up in George Lakoff's new book: Whose Freedom?: The Battle Over America's Most Important Idea (in addition to the previous link, I will add an amazon advertisement for the book in my sidebar, so that every faithful reader can buy a copy (and support my work here) and get to see Lakoff using the phrase "Impeccable Liberal Credentials" on page 8). You can help bring more attention to the book's principal argument (about the divergent meanings of freedom between the radical right and the rest of us) by joining and 'digging' the list of articles I've submitted, or found listed there and dugg myself. Friend me on that site as well. I hate being lonely. Anyway, politics and world news are beta features there, so I was surprised to see that MNPublius was blatently promoting themselves with it. I am not going to do that, but my readers can certainly try to promote anything they like from this blog in whatever fashion they see fit.

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