Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ford Bell peters out... lacking seduction technology, he fell by the wayside

Ford Bell quit. He claims that he did not have enough money to win in September. That is an odd argument, because I thought it was votes that would be counted in September, not dollars raised and spent. With the right kind of stamina and some seduction technology, he could have gone all the way.

We are all Republicans now. I blame Garrison Keillor for that. Garrison is just another mealy-mouthed servant of the oligarchy, pretending to be a Democrat, so I can't really blame him. It is his job. But his half-serious, half-mocking refrain about how centrist democrats have fallen-in, in lock step with Republicans behind the president is sadly too true to be funny, and he's help legitimize that as a reality we just have to accept, instead of electing Democrats who would actually fight against the Rove-Cheney experiment in less-friendly fascism.

I am interested in figuring out how we can get better outcomes in 2008 than in helping any candidate win any race at this time. I am saddled with a bunch of lawn signs for Becky Lourey and Tim Baylor for the Northcentral MN area, and I will put them up and take names for that campaign until I run out of signs, and then I am done being a perpetual motion machine for peace, sustainable development, and universal single payer health care. Because people are not responding to ideas alone, and DFL candidates in the statewide races do not have my (our) area on their radars.

I hope Klobuchar loses. I am obviously not going to got to any great lengths to get her any votes in my area. I don't think that I am going to work against her, either. It is a real shame though, since with a strong clear message from someone with a good story, I think my part of Beltrami Co. could have gone blue. I think having a weak, urban, muddled messenger who is trying to hijack an old NHL brand to get elected, when even Republicans are hungry for a plan, any plan to get us out of Iraq and refocused on solving problems at home is a criminal mistake. Or a dastardly, friendly fascist game to elect Republicans again. I think the DFL is penetrated, compromised by people serving exactly the same interests as Vin Weber. That is the only explanation. In my area, Kennedy will do well. He has been there at the Bemidji 4th of July parade, with Rod Grams. They want to win. The speak about politics with more sincerity about their mission. I think Hatch and Klobuchar have only proven to be vain cowards who are running to massage their egos. They may not even care if they win, as long as they get one last summer in the media spotlight.

I think Bell needed to find charisma if he wanted to find money. I think MysteryMethod (silver-level) bootcamp would have helped him talk more people into supporting him. I have had to realize myself that conscious arguments about facts and policy don't serve the needs that most voters have. They need a romantic adventure, they need hope. If Ford Bell had been a skilled pickup artist, he would have been able to blacken his volunteer sheets with the inky, adoring signatures of his newly-minted fans and volunteers after every SD or CU convention. Ford Bell was not 6'9" and awkward looking, as some of his detractors claim, he just had an awkward approach. He needed an "approach coach". He needed an attractive "pivot". He needed to have the confidence and the vision of at least a freeway off ramp panhandler and to have tried to raise a little money from common people he did not know. He needed courage, thicker skin, and some machismo.

If anyone wants my help on a campaign later this year (or in the next cycle), I need to know that they or other key persons on their campaign have understood this basic approach and establishing rapport thing. Having a strong clear message in print or on TV is not enough. You've got to be able to do it person. If anyone believes they need my help, they need to pay for two silver-level MysteryMethod bootcamps for the Jul 21-23 in Chicago (one for me, one for them) and cover the rest of the expenses in attending them. The evangelicals know seduction technology, and they apply it to their missionary (and even humanitarian relief work) and no doubt translated it to their 2000 and 2004 GOTV efforts and ongoing lobbying, too.

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Blogger Edwin said...

I hope you find a Senator Kennedy better than a Senator Klobuchar. But you won't. We on the left need to stop being such snobbish purists and get people who will at least listen to us in office. Amy WILL work hard for Minnesotans, and progressives will have a place in setting her priorities. Good luck getting a seat at the table if Kennedy is elected.

2:25 PM  
Blogger ImpeccableLiberalCredentials said...


I reject your assertion that you and I are somehow both "on the left". You are in Minneapolis, and I am normally north of Bemidji.

Also, I do feel that I get listened to , at least on occasion, by Sen. Coleman's staff, on those peace related Foreign Policy issues.

I am dealing with the reality that the most outspoken and electable voice for peace, who demonstrated knowledge and interest in foreign policy, has dropped out of the race. Now, from where I sit, it looks like a Kennedy victory, and I imagine that I'll have to start working with him sooner or later.

Maybe "liberals" could surprise everyone and elect Cavlan to the senate, but I am not going to tilt against windmills for an unprincipled candidate like Klobuchar.

In my area, even solid DFLers that get the party loyalty thing have lashed out at urban liberals like Klobuchar, who use processes like proportional representation to over-represent young people and minorities.

If the State Central Committee demonstrates a strong interest in remedies for the DFL situation with minority participation, with outreach to students, not just for November but for caucus night, too, then I'll stop bashing your urban liberal candidate. Otherwise, understand that the State Party has endorsed the direction set by our local Beltrami Co. leadership, and we hate Minneapolis, and candidates hailing from Minneapolis like Klobuchar, Ritchie, etc.

With Entenza and Hatch going after each other, I find it odd that you attack my "purity" over whether we try to find a quick and dramatic way to bring the war to an end (and then to use strategies to achieve peace through progressive means aws a first course of action rather than by expensive and deadly force). It is not about ideological purity... it is about real lives that are being lost in Iraq, huge debts accumulated for future generations to pay, for a speculative adventure driven by corporate war profiteers.

Your candidate supported Kerry's vote to shift the war on terror away from our real enemies and towards a commercial target in an elective war. Klobuchar misrepresents her positions ver time on this war.

Kennedy is wrong, but consistent. If he can be persuaded to engage the Peace First! organization and understand our objectives, that is a bigger win for us than getting an inconsistent Klobuchar to pretend to agree with us until she reads the next poll, or hears from some other authority that we should, in fact, nuke Iran or invade Cuba.

While the neo-cons are driven by some sort of ideological purity that causes them to reject evidence and maps of the real world - I see evidence that this war is erroding our freedoms, decreasing the respect shown to us elsewhere in the world, and making us targets. A soldier was just buried in my district this week - a kid who didn't need to die in Iraq because Kerry, Kennedy, and Klobuchar were wrong about the necessity for this war.

4:49 PM  
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