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I am not running against Skoe, but I will support some primary challengers...

I am not going to run against Rod Skoe in Senate District 2 in the DFL primary. I thought long and hard about it, and instead I am going to wait a while and see if there are more direct ways to make the state DFL party (and its elected public office holders, its internal party officers and activists) more responsive to both the indigenous and non-native population in this district as to the environmental and economic concerns that I though my race would help bring to light. I have selfish reasons to wait another 2 to 4 years to run for legislature... right now, I am much more useful to this country if I use my knowledge of foreign languages and cultures to advance the cause of peace, sustainable development and meaningful national security. Or find access to markets or access to capital for liberal-run businesses in my area... I also want to be able to misbehave for a couple more years before I am subjected to the scrutiny that Keith Ellison, e.g., is being subjected to. There are pictures of me on the internet posing with barechested women, and worse, there are probably unpaid parking tickets that I have neglected out there, somewhere.

Also, I think that I could not be as effective championing other candidates (both endorsed DFL candidates and a few primary challengers), and issue advocacy campaigns like Peace First! That ends the message from the good DFLer side of seksi aka ILC.

Now the the message from the part of me that has almost had it with the DFL party as an institution (I know lots of those who are more diplomatic, but I have heard the same sentiment in nearly all candidate's camps). We have to get the artificial divide between the Greens and the Progressive wing of the DFL. We have to stop attacking the rural DFLers from the Cities, and vice versa. We need the next DFL party chair to be assertive about the core principles of this party that are evident and engineered into the party process that Brian Merlendez failed to protect from hacks like Pam McCrory and Michael Meurs. We have to have a party leadership that looks at the general election results and then goes out into significant precincts with unmatched turnout and party loyalty and thank those voters, listen to their concerns, and not let arrogant and ignorant low-level elected officials blow it for the whole party in precincts that might keep this county blue and be significant enough in statewide results for the DNC to pay into those special GOTV efforts.

Obviously we need to get meaningful wild rice legislation passed in the Minnesota legislature this next session. It is in the DFL party platform now, and Rep. Frank Moe will get better guidance on how to help shepard that legislation through, but I strongly suggest that he and Sen. Skoe are not the bill's authors, and not seated on any committees that will possibly block or hold up that legislation. If that is the understanding, then I will bust my ass to get both of these jerks elected, and I'll even scrub my blog of all mention of the Beltrami Co. fiasco, of vicious rumors and nasty comments one way or the other.

We also need to get AK off the top of the DFL ticket. I guess I don't know if Ford Bell can honestly beat Mark Kennedy yet, but I do know how the voters up here will react to AK on the top of the ticket. It might make it a lot harder to get Oberstar re-elected, or Walz over Gutknecht, Wetterling over Bachman, etc. We need to speak strongly of our own values and not threaten the values of the moderate to right-wing elements of the voting public, whether they are GOP or IP, or liberatrian, etc. We would get more votes out of those folks with Bell than Klobuchar.

There are two ways to get rid of AK. She can lose in the primary, or at some point between now and September she can decide to withdraw and sequester her resources and her good name for a future time when clarity on foreign policy (Iraq and the Global War on Terror, North Korea, etc.) is not going to be as central to winning the election.

Right now, Minnesota and America do not need another "crimefighter" in the U.S. Senate. We need a Senator. We need a Peace First! choice in November that will be a Democrat. The result if AK stays in and wins in September is a loss in November and a strengthening of the Green Party. But if that is where the only Peace First! candidates will be found in November, I thinking voting Green will be a better option than not voting, or holding my nose and voting for either Kennedy or Klobuchar.

Today, I am still a Democrat, and I beleve that the DFL can be a progressive party, but we need to reach out to and invite back in the Greens and their supporters, or learn how to cooperate with them to win races where true progressives can be elected.

And I believe that the Beltrami Co. unit, despite their rejection of DFL endorsed candidate Mark Ritchie for Secretary of State, is still deserving of being sanctioned, but still chartered, still funded, and slowly reformed. If they can choose to support Kiffmeyer over Ritchie, then they need to deal with the fact that I'll support Cavlan if Ford Bell is not our candidate at that time.

I hope there is a meaningful discussion about all of this at the State Central Committee meeting next week.


In other news since my last post, it sounds like change is taking place elsewhere in the Democratic Party - I've heard many reports about the Lieberman vs. Lamont debate, and universally that Lamont won... I can't wait until I have time and an opportunity with a good internet connection to watch some video that debate. Please post links to video if you have them, and your own comments after this post.

Update: fixed a lot of spelling and simplified a passage in this post.

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