Thursday, July 27, 2006

More Coleen Rowley, and a reminder about BACCC meeting this evening

Almost as if it was an attempt to disappoint "single-issue voters" who are all about peace, a new post today on Coleen Rowley's blog at the Huffington Post is full of optimism about how we can address our energy needs with alternate fuel sources (biofuels like ethanol) and improved technology (developments that would allow fuel cells to utilize hydrogen from ethanol, etc). Coleen is a candidate with lots of practical experience deriving from her career with the FBI, has a strong message about getting out of Iraq and making smaller redeployments around the Gulf States. She is also championing the practical strategy we need to have to disentangle ourselves from the needy relationships we have with our adversaries because of our dependence on petroleum.

Reducing our reliance on foreign energy sources will help us be a more peaceful nation and afford to do the community building (education, infrastructure, etc.) that peaceful, wealthy nations can do. In showing the multifaceted policy that Coleen will advance when elected to Congress, she still can't avoid being labeled a "peace candidate".


Reminder - the Bemidji Area Climate Change Coalition will meet this evening at 6PM in Diamond Point Park.


I have just been told that the back of my head is visible in a scene from "An Inconvieniant Truth" but I still haven't seen the movie. I imagine that the content is similar to the presentation that Vice President Al Gore took out on the road, but I know that a lot of people in Bemidji would like to see it, and Robert Shimek from Indigenous Environmental Network has been interested in screening it there. His number is buried in the last post about the Bemidji-Area Climate Change Coalition. Al should give Bob a call. Then he should write Coleen a check...

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