Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wishful spinning... Democratic unity

This article from The Hill (Support of former primary foes bolsters Dem candidates, party) covering two Democratic senate challengers who have recently dropped out of their endorsement battles makes a critical error or two - assuming that the two party system candidates will win (this is Minnesota, remember Jesse Ventura?) and that if electability is the winning argument, that it is most important to be behind a winning candidate, that the progressives and anti-war movement might not move to a different party, to be in the column of supporters of the candidate most likely to win the election, not just the party's endorsement battle.

So I don't see any immediate rush of meaningful support coming from the Bell base to move Amy closer to victory. There are options... Peace First! candidates from other parties, or making Kennedy and Klobuchar compete for the attention and support of a group of activists who clearly could be useful to either candidate, if they would only bother to address these issues. I think it would be a bold move if Mark Kennedy shows up at the Peace First! potluck and Amy Klobuchar is not there...

Mark Kennedy will at least win my part of the state, and all politics is local. He's been there shaking hands and kissing babies in public, after the convention season. Where is Klobuchar? Hatch has got giant "Ruthless Leader" 4' x 8' lawn signs all over outstate Minnesota.. where is the tyrranical presence of Klobuchar now? In a $13,000 TV ad buy? Bell had a serious chance in my part of the state. He might have won Minneapolis, too.

There is still a lot of work to be done for AK even if she doesn't now face an organized primary challenger. First, she's got to come up with a message that is better that the pirated logo and name of an NHL team that left this area quite some time ago. If we followed the North Stars, wouldn't we end up in Texas?

Anyway, Zogby just did another polling, and I would not be surprised to see Bell with a huge bump in support, now that he's dropped out. Moron. I like him, he was on message all the time, but he is not very politically astute, unless AK, Brian Melendez, Schumer, et al. cut him a really nice deal...

I am basically for sale too, but I am probably just a bit more expensive than Dr. Bell. I would think about shutting up for somewhere between $3-5 million to split between anti-poverty projects in Beltrami Co. (micro-loans, training, connectivity, sobriety programs and seed capital) and resuming my work in Aceh. And a helicopter (crewed and fueled for a year)... I fancy the UH-60 (utility model will suffice, but the gunship is kind of seductive in an evil sort of way...) They make those in Connecticut, and for the sake of Democratic Unity and Sen. Lieberman, I am quite certain that Sikorsky would be willing to part with one of those things...

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We're on our way to your neck of the woods. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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