Monday, August 28, 2006

An important event - fundraiser for Becky Lourey

EVENT: Fundraiser for Becky Lourey for Governor

WHEN: Tuesday, August 29th, 5:30pm to 7pm

WHERE: Azia Restaurant Catepillar Lounge (Back Room)

Corner of 26th and Nicollet Avenue South, Minneapolis

HOSTS: Scott Benson and Michael Krause

This event is important because Senator Becky Lourey appears to be Minnesota's choice for governor in the upcoming elections (see the results todate for MPR's candidate finder/preference poll) yet for small-minded fears about violating the undemocratic DFL endorsement process, DFL establishment types have been muted with overt forms of support (e.g. writing checks) for a DFL candidate for governor.

Now is the time for all true blue Minnesotans to step up to the plate and fully fund their favorite candidate. Otherwise, you get this kind of mess (from an article at

Campaign contributions by other big Capitol players, including political funds established by prominent lobbying firms, are hedging their bets by giving to Pawlenty and Hatch. For instance, Lockridge, Grindal and Nauen -- which counts Indian tribes and utilities among its clients -- gave $2,000 to both men.


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