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Lieberman's ousting partial proof that (dot) sex is indeed harmful

More notes about Lamont vs. Lieberman and where the blog-enhanced people power goes next

On a blog called Down with Tyranny Someone close to the targeted race against the censorious Senator from Ohio Mike DeWine talks about how Paul Hackett (the first obvious DSCC blue-on-blue attack to hit the national media) and Sherrod Brown have come together to complete the mission of winning the Ohio senate race. DeWine is an obvious target in my mind because he has been crusading for more censorship and burdensome regulation on the internet, and he's also a member of the odious Gang of 14. This post about DeWine in light of what's happened of the CT-Sen race also mentions the call the blogger recieved from Coleen Rowley celebrating the victory in Connecticut as well as a parallel to Lamont in a House race run by Donna Edwards in Maryland.

Juan Cole has his own take on the reasons why he thinks it is important that Lieberman was defeated. The last one about being allied with theocratic Christian extremists is true, and the extent to which Lieberman moralized in sympathy with them and tried to censor the internet (America's Playground for Naughty, Bored Adults (TM) ) and video games, plus encumber U.S. ISPs with unfunded national security mandates in the Patriot Act, has made me wonder from time to time whether 'this is America or Saudi Arabia?', and 'why is it that I am still here, with Amsterdam and other enclaves for internet pirates calling?'. XXX was once a pirate flag, and not a top-level domain Lieberman could propose to banish adult webmasters to. The Internet Engineering Task Force has written an analysis of the idea - .sex considered dangerous:

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, the U.S. Democratic Party's vice presidential
nominee, endorsed the idea at a June 2000 meeting of the federal
Commission on Child Online Protection. Lieberman said in a prepared
statement that "we would ask the arbiters of the Internet to simply
abide by the same standard as the proprietor of an X-rated movie
theater or the owner of a convenience store who sells sexually-
explicit magazines" [LIEBERMAN].

In the 1998 law creating this commission, the U.S. Congress required
the members to investigate "the establishment of a domain name for
posting of any material that is harmful to minors", The commission
devoted a section of its October 2000 report to that topic. It
concluded that both a .xxx and a .kids domain are technically
possible, but would require action by ICANN. The report said that an
adult domain might be only "moderately effective" and raises privacy
and free speech concerns [COPAREPORT].

There is lots more... it is a fun and informative read.

For me, the impetus for political blogging really came from the Alito nomination and the blogger's campaign for a filibuster, though I have been mixing politics and the internet for at least the last six years in many small ways. I remember Joe Lieberman being marked after that, but I unfortunately never posted about that sense that I had then, but I did mention DeWine, and eventually we have to get Cornyn, in Texas, who was specific enough to mention the ACLU crowd in his flustered response on the Senate floor to the popular call for a filibuster. I could tell that he wanted to blame not just the leftist-pinko bloggers from DailyKos land, but the sex bloggers and internet engineering community as well.

I think that bloggers with an attitude can apply themselves to any sweet spot that overlaps with either (in the positive case) strong stances for Peace and also Free Speech/Bill of Rights issues as we have seen with MN Gubernatorial candidate Sen. Becky Lourey, or a combination of televangelist-inspired moral-crusading and unquenchable bloodlust (Lieberman, and I'll look for a more examples where the seat is also up in this cycle).

In local (Minnesota) blogging news, there is a 24 hour tempest in a teapot created for the sole purpose of demonstrating how easy it is for the Republican bloggers to provoke a reaction out of the Star Tribune. Over at, Mr. Sponge has the answer for the winning Jeopardy question.

Tonight I am going to try to get around to updating and spell-checking this previous post about Conspiracies and Peak Oil to include a direct quote from Baer's book, etc.

Tomorrow (today already, really) is going to be a long and full day with the Thursday night regular event of Drinking Liberally, but before that happens I am going to volunteer a few hours setting up for the Art Auction for the Becky Lourey for Governor campaign being held at Cafe Brenda, 300 1st Avenue North, downtown Minneapolis, which will run from 5:30 to 7:30 PM (bidding ends at 7:00). If you go, be prepared to part with $20 or more at the door, but there will be free wine and appetizers, and some very nice artwork up for auction.

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