Saturday, August 12, 2006

On Becoming Canadian...

Why I am considering becoming Canadian (or becoming stateless, if Canada won't have me):

1) Being an American is dangerous. There are plenty of people in the would who are not Americans who would like to kill us, and there are even some Americans who revel in the idea of killing Americans who are not like they are. So when I travel abroad I am a target because of some U.S. policies that I do not even agree with. When I am at home in America there is plenty of talk from some factions of the right (and merchandise) that is intended to incite violence against liberals and people who are appearantly Muslim, or sympathetic to Muslim and immigrant communities. There is some violence targeted towards Democrats and some toward the supposedly liberal media (e.g. the anthrax attacks that happened about the same time as 9/11). It is unclear whether that sort of attack is sponsored by our American government, by other governments, or non-state actors that are either in support of the current administration or have hatred of "open society" and liberalism. There is similar evidence of attacks directed against the Peace Movement, e.g. the bioterror alert that occued because of the direction of tuleremia agent in Washington, D.C. in September of last year, during the massive peace rallies that occurred on the 24-25. Don't remember it? Google it.

2) In America, everyone is a criminal and subject to arrest and the arbitrary application of the law. Some enforcement action is obviously politically motivated, and new laws are being created that are difficult to comply with, especially those that concern internet communications and free speech. There are widely documented cases of sting operations that have taken advantage of people who were simply gullible, financially vulnerable, or acting in a way they thought was charitable and they have been subject to highly visible prosecution that has served the PR interests of the current administration. Currently there are politically-motivated prosecutions of people who have been involved in the adult entertainment/internet industry and radical attempts to reinstate and strengthen some laws that have previously been struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. When I was involved actively in that industry, I made every effort to be legal and in compliance with the law as understood it and to made efforts to protect minors and people who choose not to expoe themselves to adult materials on the internet. I have also spent as much time trying to encourage similar good behavior from other adult webmasters, with mixed results. In any case, it hasn't been an especially lucrative enterprise, but it was a sometimes fun way to maintain my technical skills after the market for tech work in the U.S. fell apart.

3) I have been unable, do to my personal beliefs, but also possibly do to some prejudices related to my outward appearance and my obvius political orientation, to thrive economically in the United States after 9/11. I would like to move to a society, even possibly one with a higher tax burden, that behaves more as I believe our nation should behave in international affairs. In one way I am a tax protestor in that I try to limit my income so that I can avoid paying the income tax that funds our war in Iraq and pays interest on our war debts. I have also had to limit my income to help my family qualify for some things that much of the rest of the world considers a basic human right, food, shelter, medical coverage. I have done that in a systematic way that almost borders on fraud in order to help an ex-girlfriend and "her children" survive for entirely to long - since the dot-com bubble burst and the 9/11 attacks really rattled my confidence in or society, our security, how we react to threats and fears by restricting our own freedoms.

I do feel threatened and persecuted in a very immediate way that I will keep the evidence more closely than I am willing to assert publically right now.

Anyway, I think can quickly make myself useful to Canada or any similarly new country that would have me, and become self supporting through my own industriousness.

There is more, but I would love to have people comment and chime in, and if anyone with practical experience in immigration law, free passage and politcal asylum in Canada wants to help, please let me know ASAP. Email me at an/or comment here. I will direct Canadian immigration to ths post and your comments if they look useful.

Soren a.k.a. "Seksi" and "ImpeccableLiberalCredentials"


Blogger Swiftee said...

Dear asshat,

I am deeply disturbed to read of your troubles at the Canadian border.

I sincerely want to help you leave the country and am willing to go to great extremes to make that happen.

Here's a genuine offer of assistance:

And please spread the word among your fellow members of the Anti-American\petty thief\welfare dependant community that my offer extends to each and every one of them.

Best Regards, and Bon Voyage!

3:45 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

I gotta agree with Swiftee. How in blazes do you function with all this guilt you've saddled yourself with?

12:48 AM  
Blogger ImpeccableLiberalCredentials said...

I actually feel pretty free of guilt. I have used my time pretty constructively in the past few years while I have felt that it was not ethical to work and create economic friction/economic opportunities within the borders of the United States since we launched that elective war against Iraq and instituted an occupation.

I have used my skills in tsunami recovery in Aceh, helping to save thousands of villagers in a remote area of Aceh's west coast rebuild their lives and have hope for a peaceful future.

I have encouraged people who would not otherwise do so to participate in democracy in a mopre powerful and effective way, in the caucus process within the DFL, and in running more effective non-partisan campaigns for local elective office.

I have provided real value. I am not going to assume that Swiftee and other detractors have made any effort to do the same, but I am going to applaud their interest in politics and governance however wrong-headed it appears to be.

Involvement is the first step towards understanding.

Good luck, Swiftee, I hope you can find a way to embark on your own quest of personal discovery and development, and travel to Oz to find those parts of you that you know are missing, those same bits and pieces that Dorothy's companions also lacked.

3:45 PM  

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