Friday, August 04, 2006

Putting new sense in the U.S. Senate, winning the remaining good fights in Minnesota

From - a list of the Gang of 14


* John S. McCain III, Arizona
* Lindsey O. Graham, South Carolina
* John Warner, Virginia
* Olympia Snowe, Maine
* Susan M. Collins, Maine
* R. Michael DeWine, Ohio
* Lincoln Chafee, Rhode Island


* Joseph I. Lieberman, Connecticut
* Robert C. Byrd, West Virginia
* E. Benjamin Nelson, Nebraska
* Mary Landrieu, Louisiana
* Daniel Inouye, Hawaii
* Mark Pryor, Arkansas
* Ken Salazar, Colorado

While it is going to be a good thing for governance if Connecticut dems decide to endorse Ned Lamont in next week's primary and he goes on to win the general election, the power of the "Gang of 14" still needs to be diminished in a few more losses.

Today over on Mark Gisleson describes groups like NARAL and the Sierra Club as 'self polluted' with Republican members who endorse 'progressive' Republicans like Lincoln Chafee (and I'll add abortion-rights advocate Olympia Snowe). The net result of those endorsements mean a Republican majority and more power for radical right-wingers as chairs of influential commitees, a lack of subpoena power for Dems in Senate investigations, setting agendas and schedules, etc.

In Maine, Sen. Olympia Snowe will face Jean Hay Bright. If you can legally do it, and if you can afford to do it, make a contribution to her campaign. Read her website and blog about it, add some hyperlinks from your blog or myspace page to her website and encourage others to contribute or keep building those links.

In Rhode Island, Sen. Lincoln Chafee will face the Democrat that survives the September 12th primary in that state. Regardless of who wins that an argument needs to be made that a Democratic majority, and busting up 'the Gang of 14' will lead to new possibilities for good governance.

In Ohio, Sen Michael DeWine has to go, and is trailing in the polls. He faces Sherrod Brown in Ohio's general election.

Here in Minnesota, I think we have two good candidates still in the race for statewide seats, and both need to survive our own Sept. 12th Primary: State Sen. Becky Lourey for Governor and Mark Ritchie for Secretary of State. These candidates can use more help from bloggers in and outside of Minnesota, in the same way that bloggers here in MN have helped to make the argument that a U.S. Senate without Joe Lieberman is a really good start.

I am hoping that on Wednesday, August 9th that bloggers everywhere will wake up the good news that Ned Lamont has won hs endorsement, and get straight to work on getting the rest of these candidates I've linked to the internet exposure and fundraising help they will need to make it through their primary (those two MN candidates I've mentioned) and the general election.

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