Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blogger gone wild... pics of the press release to follow!

So I was just at the press conference, and I am trying to transfer the photos I took and get them up. The big, if very local and of limited interest, news story tonight is about a media-attention hungry blogger named Noah, and his upstart but professionally-made blog Blanked-Out...

More to follow...

(day after updates and corrections are going to be interspersed and marked by asterisks)

Update: I have one of the pics resized, one more to go. Noah told a very different story than what the Klobuchar campaign related earlier in the day, regarding passwords, etc.

Update No. 2: (Use your refresh button lots tonight, I guess...) Noah often denied having a blog at the Minneapolis chapter of Drinking Liberally, even though I assumed that he was one of the partners at MN Publius because of their apparent close friendship and apparently having travelled together to Rochester (the State DFL convention). Noah kept at least another big secret from the Minnesota left-wing political blogging community....

* Noah probably denied having a blog because before August of this year he did not have one. If he told me after then that he was Blanked-Out and it didn't register it is because I was drunk or distracted... *

Update No. 3: Noah's statement is now up on Blanked-Out: Statement on MN Senate Race. No mention of passwords, but not as simple as browsing upwards in a directory structure. He apparently entered a name into a textbox to get access to the page. A screen shot would have helped here, Noah!

Update No. 4 The photo-cropping elves are finishing their work. The impatient can look into the rubberfreak Flickr photostream for first glimpses, and we are going to do a quick tag and ping (the blogger equivalent of station-identification) before we add the embedded images.

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Update No. 5 Finally, the pictures:

Noah's secret to the Minneapolis blogger community writ-large was his heterosexuality. He in actual fact has a rather attractive girlfriend:

*This was probably a low blow against Noah to question the clarity of his sexual intent or his ability to attract a mate, however, this is where the logical race to the bottom takes us, when candidates don't want to start real discussions about issues, and project corporate images instead. Also, it may have been a mistake to publish the picture of the girlfriend, and if she requests it, I'll take it down, and I retain copyright and will go after anyone who misuses it for political purposes.*


Otherwise the only interesting thing in the coffeshop that would not have otherwise been there was the gaggle of reporters, especially his one:


* The spectacle of the media is more interesting to me, as a blogger on the fringes of polite political opinion, i.e. the mediated consensus about "electability", about what issues can be considered on the table in this cycle. I am also interested in seeing the public better informed about what they can and should do with internet technology, but I don't know how to package that as a marketable scandal, unless it involves publishing pics of pretty, and preferably naked women. Obviously Noah is craftier at managing the media spectacle, but I think that his intent and impact is more likely to dampen the emergence of the "Discourse Revolution"*


Blogger MNObserver said...

Now that's what I was worrying about all night... Not whether the blogger was going to be accused of everything short of burying the bodies, not whether the rest of us are going to be tarred with his actions, not whether the Klobuchar campaign was going to be hurt by this, but rather whether the culprit has a cute girlfriend.


4:59 AM  
Blogger rew said...

actually, noah didn't start blogging until august, so no, he never lied to people at DL about having a blog.

check his archives, in which the first post was in august.

also, since there appears to be some weird sort of outiness going on here, I would like to point out that noah was at the 6th convention with Smartie and me, and helped us out immensely. He was a great help to us that day, especially as he wasn't a blogger, and he road both to and from that convention with us.

But yes, he does have a very hot girlfriend.

7:31 AM  

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