Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Danger (and Adventure) of Blogging... Part 1

The Danger (and Adventure) of Blogging... Part 1: The Big Tease

Part 1 will just be a big tease, employing patented blogosphere seduction techniques that could even get Republicans read and bedded. (Or perhaps I am being sarcastic, or employing internet kitsch to hide a sincere attempt to speak directly to your higher self, your inner blogger, your naughty, exhibitionist yearning to make brain-to-brain internet sex with words and swap memes and/or genes with me, seksi...)

The major media is all tingly with the growing list of political staffers and naughty bloggers who have been exposed by their own internet activity, and the activities of other internet peeping toms.

You know by now leftist blogosphere is a little different than the angry, frothing-at-the-mouth right-wing 'sphere hatefest, and unfortunately less profitable, at least for this blogger (when compared to recieipts by MDE). While the right wing always seems to go for the throat (in the politics of personal destruction), and make half-assed attempts to sex-up expensive weapon systems while denying the God-granted pleasures ofthe flesh, I am hoping that there is more lasting value (if of a non-pecuniary nature) for us in plucking at heartstrings and slickening the genitalia of our dear readers. They might just return for more.

But I have to warn you, it is a "hickey culture" and I do know that some of us might just seek to leave a loving little mark to remember our sweet, stolen time together, and to make most certain that you get in trouble when, and if you try to go back home to that more jealous and loveless half of the 'sphere on the right.

Instead, why don't you join up with the caravan of Sheik Seksi. Abandon your gas guzzling SUV under the date palm tree and enter that wandering tent city that contains the Harem of ILC. Learn the ancient techniques of sampling paradise while still your spirit is necessarily still bound to the chains of earthly service, service to the One, and yes, service to your fellow brothers and sisters. Service on the dancefloor... service in the bedroom, and yes even service on blogspot.com. We are here to dance, to love, and not to spout hateful un-music in the midst of courting song birds and drunken esoteric love-ins.

Tomorrow, the NY Times will publish a piece on the dangers of blogging. Ignore it. Or read it and then ignore it. Around every great feast, there circles at least one wretched blowfly or bluebottle. In this case, its the mainstream media, jealous, jealous of our shameless intimacy, and angling for a free meal at our private table.

(This absolutely heretical and scandalous post was in part inspired by Rumi - for an example read this poem "Proper Vocation", and the beautiful girl(s) who called me a 'slut' today, who while deserving of an 'internet hickey', will go un-named, because I am a gentleman (of sorts). Just don't let any parenthetical "s" make you jealous, as our enemies are always jealous, for real and imagined reasons. )

(So much for trying to talk any more true tales out of me, Norwegianity.)

Oh, yeah. Porn warning. Some of the links above will take you to places on the internet that you really want to go. After you whip out your credit card, of course. And check the meta-tags and note that I've made every every effort to comply with the best practices and the law on the date of original publication. Or so say my crew's lawyers. So think before you go crazy trying to rat me out to Alberto Gonzalez. Just ask yourself, why does the right wing (and just as many centrist Democrats) fear the lovely naked bodies of America's young yet legal internetslutten, get censorious, and then go tramping of to Saipan?

Tomorrow: The Danger (and Adventure) of Blogging... Part 2: Blogging... CDI (Chicks Dig It) yet hax0ring is creepy

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