Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Minnesota State Fair - a political beauty pagent

I've been too busy to post recently - I have been at the state fair. I put in about 12 hours a day, over 12 days. I did it for democracy, and to meet pretty women who are excited about politics.

Yes, the political beauty pagent at the state fair is normally about the candidates themselves, about how well they wear their pants, if their perfect hair-do holds up during the debate, or whether they stuttered. But there was no debate at the MN State Fair this year in the governor's race, which is the last state-wide race where we still have a candidate in a traditional major party speaking their truth about the tragedy in Iraq, as well as the regular meat and potatos issues of healthcare, education and transportation.

Since there was no debate, and Hatch and Pawlenty spent very few hours at the fair greating their potential critics, it becomes a beauty contest not just between the challengers, but more importantly their young, high energy supporters, that will energize the crowd that is going to determine this election: "unlikely primary voters".

So, my question to unlikely primary voters is:
Who persuaded you? Lourey volunteers like this attractive young lady:


or was it the Independence Party energy that made the sale:


My comment section works. Use it! Oh, yeah, unless you are deaf and blind, you know there is a primary election here in Minnesota on Tuesday, September 12th... just six days from today. Can you bear to wait? Are you engaged in the get-out-the-vote effort for your progressive candidate? MN Governor tracks the "netroots" efforts of "unlikely primary voters" on Myspace. If you can't join a door knocking and visibility crew, you can at least add links and enthusiasm about this race to your own blog or social networking profile pages....


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