Friday, September 29, 2006

Stop the Merchants of Death - events this weekend in the Twin Cities

National Conference to End War Profiteering

A Film, A Reunion, A Rally, An Action Sept. 29-Oct. 2

Tickets to the rally with Winona LaDuke, Utah Phillips, Medea Benjamin and others available at FNVW. $12 or $10 for students. Just call (651) 917-0383 or email

The goal of the "Stop Merchants of Death" conference is to unify local efforts nationally into a coordinated campaign to identify and discredit the corporations that make billions off of the blood of others.

Minnesota is home to one of the most despicable of these: Alliant Techsystems in Edina. Alliant Tech makes Landmines, Cluster Bombs and radioactive Depleted Uranium ammunition. Every year their "product" kills, maims, malforms and dismembers thousands of children. They call themselves "patriots" and say that they're proud to do their "duty" making America the best armed nation in the world.

The gathering begins with a Friday showing of the film "Iraq for Sale". It continues Saturday with a reunion of activists who helped shut down Honeywell's weapons division (which became Alliant Tech), builds energy and excitement with the Sunday night rally at St. Kate's and concludes Monday morning with a mass nonviolent action at Alliant Tech headquarters.

If you want to end war and if you want to speak the truth about who profits from war, then don't miss this weekend's activities. Buy your tickets today!

War Resisters League NE, Alliant Action, Friends for a
Nonviolent World, Vets for Peace TC Chapter, National
Vets for Peace, Nuke Watch-Wi, Des Moines Catholic
Worker, WILPF, Freedom National Organization

*Friday, Sept. 29., 7PM FILM, IRAQ FOR SALE*
O’Shaughnessy Education Center, Cleveland and
Summit, St. Thomas University. Tickets $7

*Saturday, September 30, 7PM REUNION* of people
involved with Honeywell Activity or Alliant Tech
Resistance, 304 Murray Herrick, St. Thomas University,
St. Paul $5

*Sunday, October 1 6:30pm RALLY*
O’Shaughnessy Auditiorium, St. Catherine College, St. Paul, on
Randolph near Cleveland. Tickets $12, $10 students.
Make out checks to Stop Merchants of Death and send to
Marv Davidov, 2615 Park Ave. #404 Mpls, 55407


FRIDA BERRIGAN, Arms Trade Resource Center NY
MARV DAVIDOV, founder of Honeywell Project
UTAH PHILLIPS, folksinger, storyteller, Wobbly
JACK NELSON PALLMEYER, Congressional candidate
WINONA LaDUKE, chair, White Earth Land Recovery

*Monday Oct. 2 7AM Nonviolent Direct Action at Alliant Tech Systems*
which manufactures bullets, parts for missiles, depleted uranium shell and made land mines and cluster bombs.

Please join us to demonstrate if even for an hour. If
you can risk arrest, do that. Training sessions every
Sat. of Sept at 10:30 at Marv’s 2615 Park Ave. Mpls.
Call Marv at 612-874-7715

Directions to Alliant; from US Hwy 169,
take exit toward Lincoln Drive/d5th St. South,
Turn left onto 7th St. West, Turn right onto Lincoln Drive

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Blogger MichaelCavlan said...

Any Decent Thinking Progressive,

I am appaled by the passage of this bill and the end of habeas corpus in our nation. It was lost without a fight, there was no attempt at a filibuster. In the long, lamentable list of cowardly acts by the Democratic Party leadership this one takes the biscuit, although the cowardice shown in Ohio 2004 and Florida 2000 comes very close.

Of course we could talk about the UNANIMOUS decision of the Senate to fund the Iraq war another 70 Billion dollars.

Spot old bean, I know you are a Democrat but it is precisely this kind of continued stunning cowardice that is why I am not a Dem.

As I have said a thousand times, it is an undeniable fact that if it were not for us Greens, we would not even know or be talking about electoral fraud.

I am sickened by the cowardice that I see and I have to be honest here, it is not just the cowardice of the DLC leadership that sickens me but also of those who excuse it and/or support it.

10:26 AM  

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