Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tomorrow: Global protest of the "New Dictatorship" of Philippines President Arroyo

I received this today: an e-mail forwarded by a friend in the Land Beneath the Winds:

Dear friends,

Warm greetings from Manila!

As you might have known, the Filipino people commemorate Marcos' declaration of Martial Law on September 21, 1972. It was considered a ruthless era of grave human rights violations in the Philippines, which was ended through a People Uprising in 1986.

However, three decades after, under current President Arroyo, the horrors of the dictatorship remain. President Arroyo's record has already surpassed that of Marcos, with close to 800 persons murdered, mostly activists and journalists and with 185 victims of enforced disappearances. Large communities are terrorized by heightened militarization.

Killings happen almost everyday and sparing no one. This year alone, three youth leaders of activist groups were murdered and four were abducted who still remain missing. The latest killed is Rei Mon Guran, 21 yrs. old, a provincial spokesperson of the activist group League of Filipino Students, and also an active member of the Christian Youth Fellowship, the youth group
of United Church of Christ in the Philippines.

This Sept. 21, various cause-oriented and human rights groups in the country will take it to the streets nation-wide to protest the "New Dictatorship" resurrected by Pres. Arroyo, who is also trying to prolong her power by maneuvers to change the Philippine Constitution.

*Join us in demanding:*


*to Stop the Killings in the Philippines*

*Justice to all victims of human rights violations*

*End the US-backing of Arroyo's reign of terror*

*Stop the "All Out War" Policy of the Arroyo government*

*End military aid to the Arroyo government*

Your voice counts. We believe that the national determination to end this repression together with a strong international condemnation of the killings and human rights violations in the Philippines, will be complimentary. These atrocities should never be warranted in a democratic society.

We once again appeal to you to join us in solidarity in any form you can on Sept. 21, also declared the GLOBAL Day of Action to STOP the Killings in the Philippines. There are various international Protest Centers where you can join (please see list below). We also welcome your solidarity messages.

Thank you.

In solidarity and struggle,
Leni Valeriano
SCMP International Officer



United States of America
*New York, New York* 6:30pm
Prayer Service & Candlight Procession to honor over 750 victims of political killings and 184 victims of forced disappearances
Meet 6:30 in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral (5th Ave. between 50th & 51st St.)
7:15pm procession to Philippine Consulate ( 5th Ave. between 45th & 46th St.)
Local Sponsor: NYCHRP, Anakbayan New York .

*Seattle, Washington* 10 am
What: Press Conference
Where: Filipino Community Center
5740 M L King Jr Way Seattle , WA
Local Sponsor: Anakbayan Seattle, Gabriela Seattle, PUSO

*San Francisco*
4:00 pm – meet at Powell and Market (North side of Market near Cable Car stop)
4:30 pm – March to Philippine Consulate ( 447 Sutter St. @ Powell)
5:00 pm – Program to speak out and commemorate of victims of political killings in front of Philippine Consulate
5:30 pm – March to Civic Center Local Sponsor: BABAE, POWER, Committee on Human Rights in the Philippines , LFS SFSU.

*North Carolina*
Local sponsor: North Carolina Labor Against the War

*Massachusetts* 5:30 PM
Local Sponsor: Chelsea Uniting Against the War

*Hawaii *11 am HR Update
University of Hawaii at Manoa campus
Campus Center 11am
3pm Vigil
Outside Philippine Consulate 2433 Pali Hwy.
Local Sponsor: Anakbayan , Hawaii

*Los Angeles*
5:30 pm – Picket/ Street Theater in front of Los Angeles Philippine Consulate, 3600 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles CA
Local Sponsor: Habi Arts, Anakbayan Los Angeles , POWER Los Angeles

Canada - *Vancouver*
Protest Rally at the Philippine Consulate, 700 West Pender (Downtown
Vancouver-corner of Pender & Granville) at 3:30 p.m.

The Netherlands
Philippine Embassy in Den Hague, 12 noon and Amsterdam Square, 6 p.m.

Australia - *Sydney*
Program in front of the Philippine Consulate, 27 Wentworth Ave, Sydney 4:30
– 5:30 p.m.

Taiwan - *Taipei*
Picket in front of the Manila Economic and Cultural Office, Taipei, 2p.m.
(same time in Philippines)

Hong Kong
1:00 am - 11:30 am
Submission of the Report of the HK Mission for Peace and Human Rights to the Philippine Consulate General
United Centre, Admiralty
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Candlelighting vigil for victims of human rights violations in the
(There will be a prayer service, testimonies of HK Mission participants, cultural presentation, and others)
Star Ferry, Tsim Sha Tsui

Japan - Tokyo
On Sept. 21 we AWC will visit the Philippine consulate in Osaka and have a dialogue with its official as well as hand the letter of protest to Malacanang. In Tokyo there will be a candle piket around the Embassy. AWC International Secretariat <>

*South Korea – Seoul
*Belgium - Brussels
*Indonesia - Jakarta
*other details to follow

It's interesting to hear that Democracy (does that mean Dictatorship and Authoritarianism in Bush Speak?) is on the march again in key US Client states in SE Asia (Thailand, the Philippines, etc.). The policy of the United States should be to support civil society in this region versus militarism!

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