Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Endorsement by way of lawn signs installed

2 of 5 signs installed at the wildflower & panfish ranch, my northwoods hideout:


I have one tenant who is a Green, but I think that it is fair to say that I support the idea that former Lourey supporters should return the enthusiastic and professional support shown by some Greens, e.g. Elizabeth Dickinson, for our Democratic candidate, by helping the Greens meet their modest goals by voting for Papa John Kolstad for Attorney General and Dave Berger for State Auditor. (The local DFL unit is harassing me for my written resignation as Precinct Chair. How petty. But I think that was even noted on the City Pages Blotter... Maybe they can wait for that until I respond to the blog-based attack on Bria Sailer? A new GOP mail piece quotes pollytick...).

I am hoping to get some Bemidji-area Greens enthused enough to do some last minute work for a slate of candidates that includes Mark Ritchie for Secy. of State, the two above-mentioned Greens, Hutchinson/Reed, Oberstar (who still has $321 million, not billion for the Iraq War cost, in a graphic on his website, though I tipped him to that a week ago) and (gulp) Amy Klobuchar. Hey, I heard her commit to 'no permanent bases in Iraq'. That's progress.

I do hope that Fitzgerald and Kennedy do their hour long televised debate on Iraq, as promised. Fitzgerald has some support up here, but he doesn't have any pretty girls on his staff... or I still have some misguided loyalty to party, or something. So much for Peace First!, at least as far as the Senate Race goes. At least Charlie Underwood is keeping the faith for Ellison in CD 5 based on his Peace First! creds.

Peace First! will likely be back in 2008. And hopefuly some former Dems will come back to the DFL party for the purposes of supporting Peace First! candidates through the caucus process, as unfair as that proved to be, this time around.

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