Friday, October 27, 2006

The ground war in MN politics...

I really don't think I am going to have much time for posting in the next few days. In fact, I don't really have enough time to make this post. The ground war now matters in this state a lot more than almost anything that could happen in blogs and print media.

I have been proposing to people most likely to cooperate in a strategy to get Independence Party and Green Party members closer to their goals, giving an outlet to progressive Dems to vent their displeasure with the out come of the endorsement process and primary election, yet enable them to do the work the DFL really needs them to do in a few tight races with more significance than what we help the IP and Greens with:

Basically, Greens use Papa John Kolstad, candidate for attorney general as the focus for getting the votes they need to regain major party status. They help get Hutchinson's lit and name around while they doorknock, lit drop and do visibility. John James then, hopefully stumps for Hutchinson and becomes a proxy speaker for Hutchinson. Hutchinson/Reed can win, if there is focus on just that race from the IP party. Some (more) Democrats will likely contribute work towards these goals if they can get help from Greens and IP folks on Mark Ritchie's race and the congressional campaigns... this is most likely to be unworkable where most of the easy to reach voters are, in CD 5. Oh well. Should still work in CDs 1,7,8... or if Tammy Lee realizes she can really help Hutchinson get elected by focusing her efforts on GOTV for Hutchinson... but we have to get Mark Ritchie and te Dems running for Federal offices elected. Everything I've said about Tammy Lee also applies to Jay Pond... he coould be so much more useful working hard for the votes Papa John Kolstad will need (which might mean needing to get 20-25% of votes cast in CD5 for Attorney General).

Anyway, I have to get back on the road. If I have time later I'll get around to making some formal endorsements with something that might actually resemble well reasoned arguments and not just the raving of some sleep-deprived, too-intense partisan...


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