Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hope for Maine...

I can't really write too much about what is going on in Minnesota without possibly helping the enemies of freedom, so I'll waste a few minutes on Maine this morning. Of course, in another 10 days or so, I can start writing my tell all expose book of Minesota politics and illuminated blog posts with footnotes and explanations that will no doubt be a favorite of Oprah's book club, etc. It will probably be called "Anger Trumps Fear: (expletive deleted), (expletive deleted), wild rice, and sex in Minnesota Elections 2006".

Back to Maine - here is a great coment from DailyKos

The Democratic candidate for Senate here, Jean Hay-Bright, is running against Mean Olympia Snowe, the 28-year entrenched, fabulously wealthy wife of ex-Governor "Jock" McKernan. Against Snowe's massive war chest, which to her is pretty much superfluous, Hay-Bright is fighting a quixotic battle. She performed well in a debate that was televised yesterday, in which she concluded that Snowe was basically an enabler to the radical Republicans who have driven the discourse into the dumpster over the past 6 years (for example, see this post), and made most Americans sick of government to the point that they don't even want to think about it. Snowe has been trumpeting her single-handed salvation of the Brunswick Naval Air Station, and the Bath Iron Works contracts to build warships. Apparently these two concerns are enough to keep many Mainers on her side.

Why does my state insist on returning this Alito-approving harridan to the senate every 6 years like clockwork?

I am sure hope is on the way in one fashion or another, but Mainers, like Minnesotans, are going to be able to do the work on the ground to make the best possible outcome more possible, and the national mood of voters is pro-Democrat, anti-war, and dissatisfied with their experience of the national economy that looks rosy to the uber-invester class but feels like a treadmill of work, anxiety and no traction (towards affordable healthcare, home ownership, entrepreneurial opportunity) for the students and working class that just might vote this year.

Hope and anger trump fear, but no amount of money from the national party, or any absense of suport from the DSCC, can replace the thousands of face-to-face conversations about what this election is realy about that will make it possible for Jean Hay Bright to become the replacement for the woman that Bush calls the "Big O", and made Alito possible, that cut short every meaningful debate in the Senate with backroom deals and the threat of the "Nuclear Option" to rewrite Senate rules to prevent filibuster and extended debate.

Even "anti-war Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee is losing based on the fact that a Republican in the Senate, however liberal, anti-war, or moderate, gives cover to the war profiteers, Congressional Republican fraudsters, and religious hypocrtes in the Bush Administration.

Back in September, I showed a few people in the Lourey campaign some tricks on manipulating electronic media and search results. If they are still interested in using them to boost Jean Hay Bright, and can't get away from the computer to do real work on the ground in MN, it might free up extra bodies in Maine who can go out and do face-to-face politicking, which now matters so much more than bellyaching on the internet... e-mail me if you need some pointers.

And now its time for me to get back to work here doing face-to-face stuff in Northern Minnesota... even though our anti-war candidates lost many months ago to DLC and DSCC interference. The fact that the DSCC never touched Maine might be the best thing it has going for its Senate race :)


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