Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hutchinson campaign releases first 60 second TV ad

Here is the new YouTube video for Peter Hutchinson, candidate for Governor in Minnesota:

The ad features former MN Governor Jesse Ventura. At some point I am going to try to build a database of voters who are willing to admit to have voted for Jesse, and would be willing to vote for or work for other 'outsider' candidates. Since there is no such database now, and there is a huge need to get the word out about Peter Hutchinson, I am going to direct those unrepentant Ventura voters to the Team MN/Peter Hutchinson website to sign up to volunteer or contribute, with the following caveat - there is going to be a need to do some trading votes with activists and organizers other parties in order to get Hutchinson through, and ensure that the Greens and the non-machine parts of the DFL get their candidates through, or closer. For that reason, I am not endorsing the whole Team MN slate, just Peter Hutchinson at this point.

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Blogger rvm4 said...

Database entry #1: I not only voted for Ventura to be Da Guv, I also voted for him as mayor of that wind-swept wasteland NW of downtown where I grew up. And I freely admit it to anyone who cares.

BUT. I don't think the TV ads are helping. His political clout vanished right after he left his Harvard fellowship and re-grew his wrestler hair. He has become irrelevant and slightly embarrassing.

All said, even though I will probably cast my vote for P-Hutch, I’m in no mood to put my heart into a campaign just to have it broken two election cycles in a row.

3:12 AM  
Blogger Brian said...

Hell yes I voted for 'The Body'. I believe that was in '98 and if it was it was my first time able to vote.

6:55 AM  

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