Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ice cream 3-way with feminists, Laurie Mylroie, France is still free & largely heterosexual

Norwegianity treats us a with flavorful post packed full of information: Colbert does ice cream three-way with Fonda and Steinem. I'll extract and embed the the YouTube video here, but there is plenty of excerpts and links worth reading in that post. I am particularly impressed with the links to information about disinformation propagandist Laurie Mylroie, on Hullabaloo and by noted Al Qaeda expert Peter Bergen. Here is the video:

IMHO, Jane Fonda is hot. The link to her new radio empire is here: Green Stone Radio. Some British Feminists Against Censorship. A potentially useful link for men who can handle this bit of humor and contradiction: David Deida. Here is something for those who can't: some survey results published in a tabloid that probably makes its money selling men cosmetics and razors, with a pic of Keeley.

While many gay Republicans are now facing prison sentences, or have been, like some, dredged up from the bottom of the Cheasepeake bay, with anchor chains fastened around their feet and a shotgun blasts to the head after insuring business deals in Iraq with taxpayer money, etc., France is still free, and by-and-large, hetero. While U.S. President Bush was shredding the Constitution and signing the newest torture enabling and habeus corpus denying bill into law, our friends in France, with intact civil liberties, continue to produce the porn for America's demand for healthy, hetero porn. America's ability to sustain itself on domestic (and well regulated) porn production is now crippled by bad legislation promoted and passed by furtive Republican cocksuckers who play act as (antigay, anti-porn) moral crusaders to the masses, but feel entitled and priveleged to behave quite differently off camera. (Censorship in the U.S. is not going to help our trade deficits at all...)

A gift from France, featuring one of those cut-and-run Brits, in all her busty splendor. Remember Faith?

Warning! Porn: Faith in pink outfit and white boots.

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