Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In Maine, Snowe must go! In Minnesota, furious campaign activity...

I am encouraged to read more commentary on the most significant uphill fight a Democrat is waging for U.S. Senate: Joe's Air Blog writes that "Snowe Must Go!"...

Bush's weird press conference today on Iraq is a reaction to the fact that at least one Democrat is still running a campaign for U.S. Senate the issue of the mismanaged, 'elective' and illegal war in Iraq.

Here in Northern Minnesota there is a lot of campaign activity. I'll try to post some pictures and write a little story about it all, but I am pretty busy and not very well connected up here, internet-wise.

Sometimes just getting in to all of my e-mail accounts is a struggle. The address impeccableliberalcredentials (at) gmail (dot) com is the easiest one to reach me at.

I will be doing some visibility and organizing on Red Lake today, with maybe a little more doorknocking and signs going up in Blackduck, for Mark Ritchie. Hutchinson seems to have good name recognition and support among the most informed voters, but I am out of Hutchinson literature and materials.

And I managed to vote today, so I will be free to head back down to the Twin Cities to do election day volunteering if that is where the need is (it is where the most dense concentrations of voters are, so that's lkely). It will also have the best election night parties... otherwise, working the more remote parts of SD2 and driving back into Bemidji could be an option. It depends on finding a little more information from working this district, face to face and lookin at numers for a couple of races, and then factoring in where the prettiest, most interested female politcos will be. We will have to start conspiring about 2008 as soon as we recover from a few hours of nail-biting poll return watching, celebration, and debauchery. In 2008 we can to out maneuver the DLC-type Dems and work for real change.

In the meantime, here in Minnesota there is Peter Hutchinson, and Mark Ritchie, and the hopes of a Democratic Majority in the U.S. Senate and House. Tear yourselves away from the internet and go work for it, (especially if you are in Maine). Seriously, in these times, even that race is winable, and don't let the centrist Dems get in your way or dissuade you. Talk directly to the voters, and organize yourselves. We have to believe, here, that stronger Dems are running serious races if we are going to put work in our DSCC-annointed Republican-lite candidate. If we don't get a Senate majority, its not going to have been worth it... Otherwise we might as well vote for Fitzgerald or Cavlan, and be counted for what we really believe the issue of this election year is.

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