Saturday, October 14, 2006

Intuition... also, political control of the military, entire professional core of CIA gone off the reservation?

While thinking about the problem of instantly creating an "A-list" blog locally to feed the local leftist blogo-hemisphere, I stumbled on a couple of weird blogs that should be getting A-list traffic, if they aren't already:

The Underside which has lots of great links, in addition to something I want to quote and reflect on.


Actually both of these blogs have many, many intensely significant posts. And one of them raises the question, how do former CIA employees get clearance for their blog posts, and why are there so many public memoirs (and derivative works) of CIA operatives available? Is it a recruiting PR move? Is it a sign that while Rummy and Bush have complete, political control of the military, as any healthy democracy should have, there is some sort of pressure valve that blows in the 'secret government' when our democratic institutions become incredibly unhealthy? Is it revenge? Is political control of DoD/DoJ/Treasury intelligence and law enforcement services (Secret Service, FBI, etc.) now a necessary tool to intimidate, isolate and deflect a few lonely lone-wolf-type critics of the current administration's policy and misrepresentations of the products of CIA (etc.) analysis in Iraq and elsewhere, or is there a more systemic threat to the Commander in Chief and agencies that is actually hightening paranoia of current employees of the more politically controlled agencies? Would the U.S.P.S. inspectors and IRS agents looking into the Palfrey prostitution business be interested in controlling leaks and embarassments that might yet still surface to plague the political appointees close to Porter Goss and Kyle "Dusty "Foggo, in their scandal brought to light in the investigation and prosecution of Brent Wilkes and Congressman Cunningham (who was like Bush and Prince Bandar, a former fighter pilot).

And as for the question of the political control of the military, we hear Bush, etc. continually say something to the effect of "when the generals say they want more (of X resource), I'll send them more (X resources)" yet there is nothing obviously allowed by the hierarchy or Bush's personality as we understand it that would leave this avenue open to them, to petition this president or this congress for more or less of anything they've been issued?

Back to the thing I was going to quote and comment on, that makes this post of mine an even more off-base conjecture, even if it may contain 'truthiness' that is evident only to me in the aethyrs:

Those of you still based in a material world and who only believe what you see, you think I'm - no wait - you know I'm nuts for bringing this possibility up and will accuse me of "furthering the dumbing down of America."

Sorry, Poppet. That's the risk I have to take in trying to smarten her up.

A word to the wise, Poppet: listen to your intuition. It can cut through lies with amazing accuracy.

[Molly O' Malley, the Underside]

I know what my intuition has been telling me. The question is, how badly do you want me to share that premonition, how much drama needs to be caused creating the illusion that it is unwelcome, unsolicited? What does your intuition tell you?

Stupid questions.. are there seismic weapons, other than nukes, and if so, are they of a technological nature, or are they really simple, like in the story about Nikola Tesla and a pneumatic device? Or are they even of a non-technical nature (thought/energy/direct manipulation of the information architecture of matter), and if there are, what does that tell us about the possibility that the tsunami and and Kashmir earthquakes, even the nuclear test in Korea, are part of the GWOT, in one way or another?

Is the next big "attack" the RNC in Saint Paul, 2008? What ever it is, it has an interesting "taste" that seems to say metals and salts, maybe radiation? Could this be averted, and prophecy/revelation be satisfied with the salty wells and the epic, and sucessful struggle of a people to survive in the flattened and ruined landscapes of post-tsunami Aceh? Do these things necessarily repeat, until people learn to keep such ugly plans out of their heads?

Wouldn't it be better to project something better, than detect something like this? Have a hopeful vision in these next few days.

Let me quote one of mine, from an offline source:

"And my life will be ruined, too?" Asked Crabbe.

"Oh yes," Said Mr. Raj calmly. "But with you, it will not be a pity. The country will absorb you and you will cease to be Victor Crabbe. You will less and less find it possible to do the work for which you were sent here. You will lose function and identity. You will be swallowed up and become another kind of eccentric. You may become muslim. You may forget your English or at least lose your English accent. You may end up in a kampong, no longer a foreigner, an old brownish man with many wives and children, one of the elders with whom the young will be encourged to consult on matters of the heart. You will be ruined."

[The Long Day Wanes, Anthony Burgess]

My dream is a simple one, to find a tribe and join it, and not always be trapped in some "Man who fell to Earth" type bind. To know and preserve some "Narrow Corner" of the earth?

Anyway, I could tell you an interesting story about intuition, in a place where the aethyrs are thicker... remind me sometime.


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