Saturday, October 21, 2006

Jean Hay Bright for Senate (Maine)

Consider helping Jean Hay Bright run more radio or TV ads in Maine. Contribute here: contribute online to JeanHayBright.US Senate 2006.

I can hold my nose and vote for Amy Klobuchar, even work hard to get out the vote for her, if I know that people here in Minnesota are helping clearer voices on peace and security in regards to Iraq than Amy has been, and or thinking about voting for my slate of candidates (including Hutchinson for Governor and Papa John Kolstad).

If there is no interest in helping Hay Bright from MN, then I'll help Fitzgerald in the last 2 weeks. At least that would be fun, to doorknock thedorms again with Fitzgerald, and go clubbing for Fitzgerald and Hutchinson, etc.

Let me know. I expect comments, and a note from the Jean Hay Bright campaign that the spigot has somehow been turned on.

Update/Reminder: Tonight! Bemidji Area Event!

Papa John Kolstad will appear at Jammer's Blue Note Ballroom
Papa John Kolstad is the Green Party candidate for Attorney General, as well as an accomplished musician. I recommend that all Minnesotans vote for this man. Seriously! If you are in (or near) Bemidji, this is your chance to find out why he's our best choice for AG, regardless of your party affiliation.


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