Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Keeley Hazell vs. Erica Campbell; Fair trade for Aceh

Keeley Hazell, a favorite Page 3 girl in the U.K.'s Sun tabloid, is coming to America, with appearances in November issues of FHM and Playboy magazines. Keeley is about 2 inches taller than Erica.

I still favor Erica. In part it is because Keeley hasn't friended me on MySpace yet, and we haven't had lunch together, etc. It is also because I have put more work into marketing Erica. I would like to think that, at least to the extent that Congressman Curt Weldon talked Libya in giving up its unconventional weapons programs, I made Erica famous.

Anyway, here is the reason I've started doen this line of questioning: Google trends: "Keeley Hazell" vs "Erica Campbell".

So a lot is up in the air, regarding the 100% natural rubber (fair trade, ?sustainably compunded?) latex catsuit and the documentary.

It all depends, ultimately on the tastes of the financiers who will make this thing go forward. Hopefully, Erica is as exotic to Richard Branson (for example), as Keeley (or being a billionare, in euros) would be to me. We could even make two catsuits. I dunno.

Fair trade rubber has to happen. Jetting around the world with pretty girls is an option, really just on the table to make the wealthy elites more comfortable with me and my ideas, my motives. An opportunity to become compromised, and trusted. We also need an initial niche market for fair trade rubber, and fashion could be it. I'd rather pursue that track than specialty rubbers for defense industry needs.

And we could also talk about democracy and civil society in the Islamic world. I may not be quite as crazy (out of touch with political reality) as Wolfowitz, maybe as effective or more so than Rep. Curt Weldon yet (hopefully) less corruptible. I have managed to avoid paying bribes or being compromised in Indonesia, and seen many more people who have an identity, or at least try to make a show, of moral uprightness, fail that test.

In the nomenclature of Thomas P.M. Barnett, Indonesia is a 'seam state' a doorway that can swing both ways into the Gap, and into the Core. We should be doing more to directly engage Aceh, etc, in trade, but keeping our fundamentalists away from their fundamentalists. In Aceh, I think it would be fair for my Snowflake (whether that's Keeley or Erica or some pretty MN girl pulled away from a sevice industry job and into the real world) to don a hijab, and learn to say the polite things when greeting or eating. And in Aceh, where ther are supposed to be two new international ports, putting in some Container Security Initiative funds and infrastructure so that cargo containers (full of rubber, or coffee, etc) can acually be loaded on to boats (and shipped to the best markets in Europe or the USA), that would be a good thing. Bibles, not so much.

Connectivity, access to capital, access to markets, respect for local sovereignty and custom, and the best science to support sustainable development... That's what we need to be exporting... and developing for domestic needs as well). That and people willing to take brave stands for peace in strange places that really need it.

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