Friday, October 13, 2006

Lamont vs. Lieberman, Hay Bright, a real Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate

David Sirota writes about how Lieberman is less than truthful about Lamont. I think that with only about three weeks left in this campaign, that Democrats nationally show some support for Ned Lamont, and other candidates that are going to provide real leadership in getting the U.S. military out of harms way in the illegal war of choice in Iraq.

It is important to consider the question: "Who will Lieberman caucus with if he wins?"

...since current polling shows a senate with 49 Democrats, 49 Republicans, Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman, Joe Lieberman would also potentially have the ability to flip control of the Senate if he chooses to caucus with Republicans. Back in 2001, the Democratic caucus gladly gave seniority to Jim Jeffords when he left the Republican caucus in order to gain control of the chamber. That was the price to pay for control, and after six years in the minority, the Democratic caucus was more than happy to make that compromise. It isn't hard to imagine that if Republicans find themselves one seat in the minority after the elections next month that they will also gladly grant Lieberman seniority in order to retake control of the chamber.


What will Lieberman do if he loses seniority but Democrats control the Senate by one seat? Will the Democratic caucus cave on important matter pertaining to Iraq and oversight of the executive branch simply in order to maintain a one-seat majority? Is it worth caving into Lieberman in order to maintain one-seat control?

[Chris Bowers, MyDD]

Either way, Lieberman's presence in the Senate will be a real loss for the Democrats.

Nationally, Democrats have to get behind the DNC's 50 state strategy, and patch the holes in support for some Semate candidates that the DSCC of Chuck Schumer has done little for. A candidate that deserves more support from Dems from around the country is Jean Hay Bright. Honestly, an anti-war Dem is going to be a better deal than a centrist Republican.

Let's make it possible for there to be a real Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate.

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