Friday, October 20, 2006

Latest Hutchinson Ad - Web Only...

If you oppose Hatch, as I do because of the way that his elements in the DFL party secured the endorsement for him by violating the historical principles and enlightened processes of the DFL party, then consider this strategy:

If Hutchinson is not 'electable' based your in the poll booth "gut check", then the most painful consequence you can impose on Hatch is a vote for Pawlenty.

I think that Minnesota Democrats (i.e. the DFL) will need to continue to think about how to rebuild and re-energize their base, and how to defeat candidates for the endorsement that rely on Rove-inspired tactics and only on big media buys. I also recommend that they keep their ear to the ground, and if there is any chance as we get closer to November 7th, that Peter Hutchinson could be elected based not on the opinions of media authorities and pollsters, but based on any word of mouth buzz and the conversations they have with people they know and trust.

Obviously, if you support Peter Hutchinson, or prefer him over another Pawlenty term, you need to start a lot of those conversations.

I hope that the Independence Party, and the smacked-down "Democratic Wing" of the Democratic Party here in MN will get their ducks in a row and make this Hutchinson/Reed ticket viable. Hopefully Greens would conspire to make Hutchinson possible, if the Independence Party core, and some of those Democrat's democrats make the Green dreams come closer to realization in the Attorney General's race. Obviously, most Democrats that have a problem with how Hatch has triangulated, intimidated others, and dodged debnates with Lourey, fought with Entenza, etc. will not have a whole lot of love for Hatch's sock puppet in the AG race, Lori Swanson.

Hutchinson becoming a serious contender should be pretty easy. Hatch has been AWOL all year long.

I absolutely support all of the DFL endorsed candidates for U.S. Congress and Senate, ansd I would hope that if it becomes evident that Dems are substantially aiding Greens and IP candidates in the above mentioned races (e.g. Hutchinson and Papa John Kolstad), that Greens and IP party candidates for Congress and Senate use their political capital not for a small number of votes in their races, but to become proxy speakers for and to stump on behalf of Hutchinson and Reed.

If my strategy does not seem entirely sound, then I would also ask you to consider the various 'peace vote' initiatives listed in my right-hand sidebar, but I think that splits some progressive votes and makes it less likely we will win as many races. But consider my trade, my nascent ILC slate of candidates, and the vote for peace campaigns before you slip back into any position that embraces voting party line based on your affiliation only, or the carefully managed media estimate of what voters can sucessfully choice to do with their own votes, as a self-organizing, social superorganism that can communicate "many-tomany" better than any beehive, regardless of expensive media distraction and voter supression efforts...

Do that moral and social gut check before you cast your votes on Novemer 7th.

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