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Lonelygirl15 and one great western occult tradition of rape and murder of lower class youth

An interesting post on Rigorous Intuition again points out the Enochian/Crowley occultism in Lonelygirl15, in the context of our ancient and primitive, tribal and spiritual battles that pit East vs. West, tribe vs. tribe, the privileged in each feeding on the ignorant and unwary. The real lack of moral and spiritual progress to differentiate ourselves today from the historical record of barbarism in less technologically proficient societies...

Four hundred years later, Bathory remains one of pop culture's favourite monsters, and her name evocative of decadant aristocrats playing at sex and death. Yet her husband, who predeceased her by ten years before the revelation of her crimes, died with even more blood on his hands, but is remembered as something else.

In 1578 Nadasky became the chief commander of Hungary's armies in its war against the Turks, who called him "the Black Prince" on account of both his bravery and his cruelty. (For instance, It's reported that when his troops captured the village of Urmisz he instructed that its priest be beheaded and its women and children raped and burned alive.) Nadasky was notorious for his imaginative methods of torture, which he shared with his apprenticing wife, but his "excesses" were on the battlefield against Muslim invaders and their allies, rather than in the comfort of home against his "own kind," and that's a distinction that is usually enough to tell a national hero from a homicidal maniac.

The sixteenth century seems so long ago we might as well be talking of a different planet and a different species, but we're not, and it's still us. If we had film from the time to view, rather than oil paintings and engravings, we'd recognize ourselves more readily. (Elizabeth's uncle was the famous Stephen Bathory, King of Poland, who hosted occultist-spy John Dee and his scrier Edward Kelly on their visit to the continent. Dee's Enochian magick, relaunched into the world by Aleister Crowley, is so established in the backstory of our culture that it's a key plot point of the "Lonelygirl15" saga, arguably Youtube's greatest viral phenomena.) We should also recognize ourselves from much more distant times. The fossil record of modern humans begins 196,000 years ago. From that point until now, there is nothing that physically distinguishes us from our prehistory. About 50,000 years ago, with the flourishing of art, adornment and symbolic representation, our ancestors' interior lives begin to look familiar. It's all sex and death, which is to say, religion. And if it's primitive, then so are we still.

From a statement of Vietnam war veteran Sgt. Larry J. Cottingham, January 24, 1973: "There was a period when just about everyone had a necklace of ears but as the men were wounded they thought it was bad luck and got rid of them. Scalps were a kick for a time also but there were lice in the hair and they got rid of those too and it didn't last long." Those were modern American boys, adorning themselves like "savages" with fetishes made from the flesh of the enemy.

In New Orleans, a young veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan and Katrina named Zackery Bowen left a five-page suicide note and jumped off a bridge after dismembering his girlfriend and cooking her head and legs in the apartment the shared above a voodoo shop. His victim-lover, Addie Hall, came to national attention last year for flashing her breasts to police cars. ("Female survivors of the storm were urged by government rescuers to flash their breasts in order to receive help in Katrina's immediate aftermath.") Friends of Bowen say he "displayed both pride and bitterness" over his experience of war. ("Somewhere overseas there had been an incident concerning a child that weighed heavy on him, said Donovan Calabaza, another bartender at Buffa’s, 'but we really didn’t get into it.'" Other times Bowen "would grow angry and distraught...talking of how the government [had] 'messed him over.'")

[Visit Rigorous Intuition to read this excerpt in context with all hyperlinks intact]

Science is a great thing, but in the minds of the masses I think it gets processed as technological fetishism, not a set of mental tools to "divine truth" through rigor and process. Science though, like good intelligence, is also inspired by hunches and hypothesis.

We need some creativity and inspiration, plans and capital, perhaps, to beat back the dark impulses of power and control that impede our development as a species. We need many-to-many relationships that collaborate towards progressive goals, not masses of fawning, mass media obsessed minds that are inclined to cede politics (and murder and rape and usury and moral authority) to a privileged class they neither know or can approach for succor.

First, kill your shame and timidity, and practice conversation. Become a node that in a many-to-many human network (whether or not you also have a presence online), avoid hierarchy in your identity and organization. Don't do anything or believe anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Be brave and inquisitive to the same extent you have become afraid and weary.

If, or as we drift, into a world where "Do as thou wilt" has become the whole of the law, invalidated by the hypocrisy of the ruling establishment, make good choices. Quickly, find your heart, and don't be distracted.

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