Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A new age, or an opportunity to ridicule the gullible?

While this is interesting: The Cusp of Ages and the Coming Age of Aquarius, it doesn't quite answer the question, Why are there so many covers of Gnarls Barkley's 'Crazy'?. Or why Gnarls Barkley's song was playing in the background on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno when lonelygirl15 came out and introduced herself to the world as a 19-year-old actress named Jessica Lee Rose. While since then lonelygirl15 has been hired by the United Nations to promote an anti-poverty initiative, the Millenium Development Goals, her in-character vblog posts continue with more intrigue about Crowleyite rituals, that perhaps parallel the rituals of the various orders that do bind many people who have risen to high levels within our government...

Daniel's exposure of the rituals of initiation in the mysteries of Hathor mirror, by accident or intent, the video leaks of the elite retreat at Bohemian Grove, the Greatest Men's Party on Earth...

Not that that matters much. Back to a previous post in which I made careless talk about seismic weapons. While I have read quite a lot about anything having to do with Sumatra, especially biogeography, which would make me someone who is exposed to and inclined to believe in plate tectonics and evolution, my observations of all the volcanoes on Java and Sumatra caused me to take a class on volcanoes (and I struggled for a year researching a paper on the intersection of biology and volcanism, eventually having to whittle it down to something just on hydrothermal vent ecosystems, so that it could get graded and fall into the simpler and more surface requirements of the assignment). So I really understand the amount of potential force involved in events in Sumatra. There is absolutely no need to ascribe the tsunami event of 26 December 2004 to a nuclear bomb blast (infact no nuclear bomb that I have heard of has a yield like the force of that earthquake). Nevertheless, knowledge of the geology of Sumatra, as we understand it in the west is not common among many Acehnese, or the foreigners who might be attracted to a place like Aceh, as students or jihadis. The use of a bomb by the enemy, America, was assumed by a few potential troublemakers on the street in Banda Aceh, but they could be talked through it, and were curious as to what I thought the likelihood of such a thing was. I told them that though I thought it was a natural event, I was somewhat suspiscious of the militarized response to the disaster, and of the fact that I had read about Wolfowitz proposing the conflict in Aceh be considered a new front in the global war on terror, some weeks before the disaster, in a piece I had caught in the press discussing a briefing between the U.S. and Indonesian militaries, which also mentioned the embedding of journalists with military units in Aceh.

Here is another source that mentions that, but dated after the tsunami: How Indonesia Wins Friends and Influences U.S. Foreign Policy...

and something with a more interesting take from an online community that advocates for a restoration of the caliphate: America cements ties with Indonesia as part of its plan for hegemony in Southeast Asia

As to some conspiracy theorists' account of the tsunami, that mention a nuclear trigger, I know from experience they were wrong about some of their claims:

In this particular case there was no real need to shift a tectonic plate, and science suggests that if this blast had caused such an effect, several very powerful aftershocks would have occurred, as has happened with every other major earthquake in the past. But, as previously stated, and setting aside the seemingly deliberate provocative though false warnings from the American NOAA, there has not been a single aftershock which can be directly & scientifically linked to the 'event' in the Sumatran Trench at 0758 hours local on 26 December 2004. Later tremors might or might not be connected to the weapon.

[Joe Vialls, ]

There were aftershocks, plenty of them. Long rolling ones in Banda Aceh. A sharp one (6.1) that tossed me off of the floor while I was sleeping in my kelambu, alone in the Samaritan's Purse building too close to the sea for comfort to get back to sleep easily, to far from real shelter if it had been strong enough to trigger a tsunami. It takes a 6.4 in Panga to send people running to the hills again, apparently. Earlier on, there was even a significant quake the night there was contact between GAM and TNI in Tepin Rambut and we could hear rifles firing in the distance, and the Brunei medics decided to move closer to the TNI base....

Anyway, until there is more open and honest communication between those who act as functionaries, bureaucrats, and brokers on behalf of U.S. citizens and other more independent individuals (journalists, academics) in the international community about our agendas and deals with governements like Pakistan and Indonesia, there will be hundreds of conspiracy theorists and disaffected young men, here and there, that will keep riffing on old plots and turning out shiny new conspiracies against the community of the faithful by the Great Satan (e.g.) and each new version will spread to a thousand ears like any prominent band doing a Gnarls Barkley cover on You-Tube:


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