Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Quick poat about geeky stuff: Google Reader, Net Neutrality

Note: In this post's title, poat = post. I would edit that, if I hadn't already pinged... I would hate to have Technorati and Google sending people to a post that isn't there anymore. I would rather have happy readers than look smart, or that there is too much care going in to appearances here at ILC. If you are new to blogging on blogger/blogspot, having this pointed out for you can save some grief, I hope: editing the post title changes the URL of your post.

I noticed that Google Labs now has a competitive offering to Bloglines, called Google Reader. I am going to be curious which one works better, in the opinions of my readers that use Bloglines or other readers. Try it, and give me your opinion in the comments, if you have time to fool around with technology.

Also, I noticed another blogger's post today with the "free speech" tag in Technorati, and it has useful and timely information: there is a show on PBS tonight called Moyers on America that will have a feature on Net Neutrality. In the Twin Cities metro area, it will be on TPT2 at 8 PM.

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