Monday, October 16, 2006

Something to think about today... 10/17

Wouldn't it be nice if humanity had some secret help from the universe to overcome the campaign of fear and shame that keeps us enslaved, enslaved by each other, and our own thoughts of scarcity, greed, and distraction from living more purposefully?

This continual projection of the fear of life, of love, of articulation, of creativity through various mediums has turned humanity into a ready made sweat shop. Your religions ignore to tell you that your intent of thought is what creates your holographic reality. To change your reality your must first change where and what you focus your thoughts on.

[Quote attributed to a channeled entity called Raphiem/Blue, about 10/17]

Imagine peace and freedom, and that we can even have a future with kinky sex and no shame and exploitation, rubber and chocolate with out slave labor, copyright that protects independent creatives and preserves fair use, and more good information, more beautiful stories.

In 24 hours or so, we will be back to the mechanics of a real revolution of ideas, peace and popular power. Your homework? Read that quoted piece again and think about your own focused thoughts, and how that creates your reality. Imagine more is possible. And then imagine reviving pamphlets, and unmediated citizen to citizen communication about the issues that matter to you. Think about creating your own little best of the blogs newsletter and leaving it in the bus shelters for those who may not have the luxury of unlimited information at home. The revolution will not be webcast.


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