Friday, November 03, 2006

331 Club should have live, amplified music, other top priorities

Via da Wege, this blogger has learned that the City of Minneapolis may have plans to curtail live, amplified music at the 331 Club. I think that keeping music at the 331 Club is going to be a pretty easy thing to get people mobilized to save.

My other top priorities to organize (netroots + grassroots) around after the election are going to be:

1) a "wet shelter" for Bemidji, so homeless with alcohol problems don't have to freeze to death.
2) the Bemidji Area American Indian Center (better than Hockey Rinks!)
3) Wild Rice legislation (origin labeling (paddy vs. wild, fair trade, Minnesota origin vs. CA or Canada) and no genetic modification in MN, no planting transgene wild rice in MN)
3) getting some funding behind real biodiversity conservation and economic integration schemes that will preserve the peace in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia.
4) peace in the Middle East
5) Universal Single-Payer Healthcare (though a vote for Papa John Kolstad on Tuesday is a damn good signal this issue matters to Minnesotans).

Update: I have found the MySpace Profile for Ear Candy. 'Elizee' is the one I knew better, and 'Jordasche' is much better looking now than I imagined she ever was or would be. I could probably get them a gig in a really nice hotel in KL for a month as the house band... but they'd have to do some covers, and sleep with me, too.

At some point, I'll have to get some bands from Bemidji in the 331 Club, the Turf Club, etc. Uncle Shurley is the band in Bemidji most likely to really go someplace.

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